7 of the best and latest technologies to improve your health and fitness


We are all deliberate of our health and fitness and try various ways to improve our fitness and health. Whether we eat good meals or develop an ideal exercise schedule, we want to ensure that we keep a good body and soul. Even though we can manually do quite a few stuff to maintain stuff going, the technology accessible today makes our fitness and health routine work in the correct path.

And today, with the Internet-accessibility, a large number of online health calculators are accessible which can provide an ongoing source of most precise health information. You only need a couple of fundamental inputs to enter and you can use the calculator.

However, you have to select an ideal resource and the finest calculator to do stuff properly for you with so many accessible choices. Of course, your health is the issue and you can’t afford to take any risk. Let’s check out the 7 of the best and latest technologies to improve your health and fitness, which you must use today.

1) Calorie calculator
A calorie is an energy unit. The researchers have historically described “calorie” as an energy or heat unit that may originate from a number of sources, such as coal or gas. All food, whether they are fats, enzymes or carbohydrates contain calories. We need to live and function with a certain amount and combination of these calories.

When you train, to lose weight or to achieve mass, it is essential to understand how you provide your body with fuel is the basic element. A calorie calculator can help you really keep track of your day-to-day food needs and ensure that your fitness target is achieved through a balanced diet.

In contrast to old-fashioned calorie counters, a well-designed latest calculator not only tracks the calories you eat but also the fats, sugars, and carbohydrates that you eat.

Calorie calculator can be instrumental in making sure that you control what you eat and what you shouldn’t. Today most internet calorie calculators enable you to discover caloric levels of various foods, which you use every day. Calorie calculator takes significant parameters such as gender, weight, age, height, and exercise into consideration in order to determine how many calories you need to eat in order to whether keep, increase or lose weight.

2) Macro Calculator
An extensive instrument, the macronutrient calculator or brief macro calculator can act as a private dietary partner. You will obtain a comprehensive week-by-day nutrition scheme depending on your macro consumption after giving some fundamental data such as your present workout rate or target weight. You can also find out how to calculate macros or the ideal calorie deficit to maintain a secure weight loss for some advice.

You can easily figure out the macros of every food you take from this calculator. You can also achieve a goal that contributes to fat loss by counting them every day. You don't have to radically change your diet or take your favorite items away from you. Make sure that for every day you ate within your macro calculator resultant values and you are on the way to maintain a fit and healthy life.

3) Body Mass Index Calculator (BMI)
Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is a weight and height-based measurement of body fat and mostly applicable to males and females over 20 years of age or older. Your BMI is a far stronger weight health indicator than your weight alone.

The measurement of your BMI may require costly specialized meetings in gyms or healthcare facilities with high tech equipment. However, using a BMI calculator on your cell phones is feasible, with which you can monitor modifications at home as you fit.

Body Mass Index or BMI Calculator is an important measure to determine whether an individual has or not a healthy weight. The BMI readings show the average body mass that shows, among other variables, their weight according to their height and age. Use the BMI calculator to determine if you must retain at the present point or do something about your weight to get a good amount.

4) LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) Calculator
Low-density Lipoproteins are complex substances that contain blood lipids and are calculated using the LDL calculator. Its concentration is a very essential predictor of the arteriosclerotic danger, but it is not a component of the diagnostic procedure for immediate assessment. The LDL of the patient is instead calculated and shown as LDL-C. The use of Friedewald’s equation is generally recognized universal accepted LDL calculating way.

High LDL concentrations encourage atherosclerotic tissue build-up in the arteries. LDLs develop inside the endothelium in the internal vessel layer and are oxidized by free radicals which lead to arterial membranes thickening and hardening. Using an LDL calculator could save you from sudden arteriosclerotic disease by informing you before time. So you should take measures in regard to this.

5) Pregnancy Calculator
It’s a dream for every girl to get pregnant and to become a mother. Pregnancy calculator can assist you with this if you are already pregnant, but do not understand when the birth window is due to and due from. You may only have to enter when you have your last regular menstrual cycle (first day). The calculator can inform you most likely the delivery date on the basis of that data.

Sometimes you become pregnant and know it already but you’re just curious to learn when you’ve conceived precisely. Now, whether you’re curious or want to find out more relevant information that depends on your date of conception, the pregnancy calculator can help. This calculator not only assists you with conception and delivery date but also informs you when your first, second or third trimester is going to be completed.

6) ASCVD Risk Calculator
The ASCVD Risk Estimator calculator is used to determine the risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD), that patient can have in 10 years and even in a lifetime. This calculator is aimed at evaluating cardiovascular risk, reducing cardiovascular risk in a modified lifestyle, and managing high blood cholesterol and body weight using the Pooled Cohort Equations and lifelong risk estimating technology.

The ASCVD calculator is one of the latest innovations in health and fitness and it must be used to take into account of your cardiac risk probability. Moreover, just checking on and taking into isn’t enough, you must also have to keep your heart active and young through proper exercises.

7) Ideal Weight Calculator
Ideal body weight calculator is a very significant measure of our fitness. The failure to keep an ideal weight can contribute to severe health issues and can present a danger to lives. It is therefore important to know which weight is ideal to maintain in accordance with your body, and then you must do all you can to achieve this healthy weight.

You just need to enter your age, gender, and height and calculate the optimal weight appropriately in an ideal weight calculator. Sometimes several ideal weight outputs are given which are all calculated by distinct formulas. They are all credible and you just have to verify how each formula operates to produce the outcome you need.

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    If you are serious about your health and want to live a healthy lifestyle, today begin to rely on these 7 best health calculators. After consultation with your doctor, you can even make health decisions on the basis of the information provided, and you will soon see things get better.

Article by: Anna Steve