A 100-rapper Fortnite Rap Warfare Royale now exists — and it is soft


How has no one conception of this before? Dan Bull, in point of fact apt one of YouTube‘s main rappers correct kind dropped his most modern video about gaming. It’s about Fortnite, it’s got a relaxing beat, and it stars 100 rappers from correct thru the positioning. And yeah, it’s as worthy of a deal with because it sounds.

100 avid gamers in a Fortnite strive against royale match, 100 rappers within the rap strive against — the foundation is obvious, and it’s a no doubt spectacular crossover. Glance your whole, eleven-minute fling with the lope right here:

I in fact have a sense viewers of this strive against will be divided into two camps: Both you’re bored with Fortnite and likewise you don’t fetch the presentation that spicy, or this is also in point of fact apt one of many correct assets you glimpse this present day. Don’t be embarrassed to admit you fall into the latter category — I’m under no conditions.

The setup for the video comes from Bull’s music “No longer About Fortnite,” a scathing commentary on the tribulations of YouTube squawk material creators and the scheme the positioning’s slavish devotion to traits, equivalent to Fortnite, is screwing them over. The shaggy dog yarn comes from a throwaway line by Bull about what he’d have to attain to be favored by YouTube‘s trending algorithm — namely, getting 100 YouTubers in for a Fortnite Rap Warfare Royale. Then he pauses and says it’s no longer a shaggy dog yarn, he’s no doubt going to attain that.

Give the madman some credit rating, because he no doubt pulled it off.

The amount of the solid is staggering. I was taken aback to buy the voices of personal favorites Miracle of Sound, Elsie Lovelock, and Professor Elemental alongside acquainted YouTube rappers Mat4yo, DaddyPhatSnaps, and None Be pleased Joshua. Even avid gamers infrequently ever identified for their musical chops — yeah, I heard you in there, Muselk — are scatterered within the midst of. About a admit they haven’t performed Fortnite, while others admit they’re composed relative beginners.

I’m attempting to pronounce there’s one thing for each person in this video, in case that wasn’t obvious. I’m rather obvious each person with the exception of Fortnite golden boy Ninja displays up, and even he gets the occasional namedrop.

I don’t doubt no lower than about a it is doubtless you’ll possibly toss your proverbial hair and haughtily pronounce the enviornment at extensive that you’ve by no scheme heard of anyone in this video. You aren’t fooling me — even my technophobe dad has viewed Story Rap Battles of History (NicePeter and EpicLloyd produce lend a hand-to-lend a hand appearances spherical the mid-point of the video).

Even whenever you’re no longer an avid player of the enviornment’s most stylish video game, take a look at this rap out.

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