A temporary reflection from EW’s Dawson’s Creek reunion shoot


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I understand how lucky I’m. I hang the coolest job. I procure to work with your favourite celebrities, your whole time, bringing awesome, inventive initiatives to you through Leisure Weekly. As I’m repeatedly like a flash to remind of us, despite the fact that—the stars, they’re lawful like us. They if truth be told are fashioned of us. But even I had a moment at some stage in our contemporary Dawson’s Creek reunion after I forgot that we were spending the day with Katie, James, Josh, Michelle, and pals. I changed into transported to a clear notify entirely—Two decades previously, back to a actually familiar creek.

I hang been given the reward of reserving our EW Reunions and it’s one among basically the most fun issues we make here on the journal. From Buffy to Blossom, Family Matters to The L Observe, I lovingly hang in thoughts it my child, and making a Dawson’s Creek reunion happen turned my passion challenge.

Gaze, I had lawful turned 15 years historical when Dawson’s Creek premiered, and it spoke to me on a visceral degree. I changed into grappling with emotions I didn’t know how it is probably you’ll per chance well boom. Dawson’s premiered, and unexpectedly there it changed into, lawful on the show in entrance of me. I grew up on a literal creek, in a tiny town with boys I had known since childhood. I performed soccer with these boys, ran on the beach with them searching for hermit crabs, nonetheless spent as a rule teasing them — and these boys were unexpectedly turning into kinda pleasurable-looking, kinda chilly lacrosse gamers. But I couldn’t somewhat course of these contemporary emotions.

Abruptly, I ogle this pilot, the place a girl named Joey Potter says to a boy named Dawson Leery: “It’s not like I wanted to be the one retaining your hand. I lawful didn’t need her retaining it.” I had by no system known with the rest more in my life.

The show changed into so lawful to our lives and to that explicit time in a life. I ogle the show now and it is miles so beautifully straightforward in the fact that there were no cellphones, no files superhighway, no texting, no Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat. You needed to call of us on the cellular telephone and talk over with them in individual. Miscommunications took notify thanks to human error, not ghosting or provider peril. It changed into about emotions and relationships, issues that, in this age of files and social media, are on the whole forgotten.

I could perhaps shuffle on and on about the more ‘trivial’ issues I cherished about Dawson’s—the tune! The vogue!—nonetheless the motive the show changed into so impactful to me changed into because it changed into such an capable reflection of teen life. (Even supposing, I could admit, I fully equipped garments from the joint Dawson’s Creek/American Eagle collaboration…many, many garments.) For many like myself, it changed into truly about the subject issues the show tackled. Now not lawful the relationships nonetheless the components. From faith to sexuality, psychological health to parental drama, past love to first heartbreak—there changed into no lack of tales to which every person would possibly perhaps squawk.

And there changed into any other: loss of life. Creator Kevin Williamson has mentioned that he felt the massive loss of life in the finale needed to happen so the team of workers would possibly perhaps grow up. I didn’t truly understand what he meant until I had grown to the age the team of workers reached in the finale’s hasty-forward. By then, I had rewatched your whole series several instances and, at some stage in a single such binge in my slack twenties, my cherished Dawson’s changed into there for me all over all any other time in a accurate time of disaster. My tight-knit neighborhood of pals had lost one among our cherished individuals. I at closing understood what Kevin meant. There changed into the time earlier than she died, and the time after—and in the latter, we had fully turn out to be adults. We noticed life through a clear lens.

All of this brings me to the day of our reunion shoot. I stood there on notify, in entrance of but any other lovely creek, taking in this scene earlier than me: this intersection of right and reel life that I by no system would possibly perhaps perhaps hang imagined at 15 observing that pilot. It in actual fact reminded me of any other one among my favourite Dawson’s quotes: “Life can surprise you in a thousand assorted ways.” I hope this 20th anniversary reunion celebration surprise brings you as valuable joy and nostalgia as it has given us in bringing it to you.

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