Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. recap: A spaceship, an airplane, and an armed truck stroll into a tower…

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This two-segment episode particular had some twists and turns, huh? The season isn’t over but, but “Collision Direction” quiet feels admire an explosive conclusion to most of the put threads we’ve been dealing with to this point, to the purpose that I’m no longer particular precisely what comes next. 

It began final week with S.H.I.E.L.D. and Sarge’s crew looking out to figure out how to work together to connect Earth from the Shrike. It became as soon as defined to Mack that the Shrike are never what you are looking forward to, which dovetailed neatly with the revelation that Izel, the redheaded lady in the meantime towing Fitz and Simmons aid to Earth on board her spaceship, is the leader of the Shrike, the pleasant “Beast” that Sarge has warned about. 

Sarge tells all people that a want of Shrike hosts will converge on a particular space, the put they’ll fabricate a tower to summon the Beast. The instances we’ve considered him killing Shrike hosts to this point had been all intended to end them from gathering sufficient numbers to manufacture the tower, but he didn’t murder sufficient of them so now he must decide his truck to the positioning and verify out to connect the area. Mack permits him to gain one crew member to decide with him; he picks Snowflake. Mack then assigns Would possibly moreover just, Daisy, and Deke to accompany them. Though Sarge also warns him to take care of away so that they’ll take care of the element of surprise, Mack ignores that and has Davis hover the Zephyr shut in the support of, with Sarge’s other two crew participants Pax and Jaco aboard as prisoners. 

Talking of whom, Pax likes to chat and at final lets slip Sarge’s thought: He has a bomb on board the truck, and is going to pressure it straight into the tower. Would possibly moreover just and Daisy quickly fetch out about the bomb thought and verify out to take care of Sarge under preserve watch over, but he defies them by teleporting aid onto the Zephyr, leaving them caught on the truck with the bomb — which happens to be an atom bomb! This may devastate the surrounding house and murder many folks, but Sarge sees that as a runt mark to play for saving the planet and killing the Beast. He apologizes to Snow for leaving her in the support of, but she doesn’t admire that one bit. 

In bid that’s how final week’s episode ended: With Sarge’s bomb-laced truck, the Zephyr, and Izel’s ship all converging on the Shrike Tower. 

This week, we got to fetch out what took space when they collided. Having teleported himself to the put Pax and Jaco had been being held aboard the Zephyr, Sarge teamed up with them to decide characterize of the ship and leave Mack handcuffed and helpless. His blueprint became as soon as to provide particular the bomb on board his truck went off without any interference; he even produced a excessive-tech energy protect to end Yo-Yo from interfering. 

It didn’t choose long for this grasp thought to disintegrate. Deke’s futuristic hacking skills weren’t sufficient to disable the bomb, but Daisy’s quake powers particular had been. She didn’t disarm the bomb or flip it off, but she became as soon as in a location to defuse a conceivable explosion. Sarge is mad that the bomb didn’t lunge off, and Yo-Yo uses that as a gap. She manages to exercise Pax and tie him up, hoping that Sarge and Jaco will choose down the protect long sufficient to help him. Jaco does, but then Sarge shoots Pax lifeless and re-palms the protect, telling Jaco that “no one slows us down.” However the protect became as soon as down long sufficient for Yo-Yo to slip Mack the fundamental to his handcuffs. 

After days of fidgeting with their ships comms, Fitz and Simmons ultimately handle to be successful in the Zephyr over radio. But when they transmit the S.H.I.E.L.D. damage code (226), they’re very a lot stunned to listen to Davis give it trusty aid to them — which makes sense since Sarge is keeping a gun to his head. Sarge realizes what’s going on and commandeers the radio to negate a message to Izel, who he knows is listening. She tells him that he “ultimately” remembers his name; if he comes face to face with her, she’ll direct him his name. She accuses him of destroying Chronicom, but he replies that she had already contaminated the planet by the time they got there. He’s mad and tells her he looks forward to killing her in commerce for her taking away each his family and his memories of them. She scoffs him by questioning if he even had memories the least bit in the first space. 

She undoubtedly appears to gain that commerce, and Mack recognizes it. Now it’s his flip to taunt Sarge from captivity, pronouncing he’ll have his ship aid by the end of the day. It indubitably doesn’t choose too long; using the handcuff key Yo-Yo gave him, he frees himself from the handcuffs and attacks Sarge. It’s a brutal fist fight, but there’s indubitably finest one map this could presumably well end. Mack may presumably well well just no longer be as massive as Jaco, but he’s quiet a enormous dude and manages to beat the an increasing selection of unstable Sarge into submission. When he wakes up, Sarge finds himself locked in the containment pod while Mack, Yo-Yo, and Davis prepare to board Izel’s ship. He begs them to decide him alongside, pronouncing finest he understands Izel, but they hiss his inquire of of. Instead, they talk alongside Jaco, who appears utterly happy to help. Sarge became as soon as quite too over-intriguing to murder his subordinates the minute they weren’t invaluable, and now he’s utterly out of allies. 

Mack and Yo-Yo successfully rescue Fitz and Simmons from Izel’s ship, and it’s a satisfaction to fetch them all reunited. Nevertheless, several massive complications remain. The ship is quiet fat of Shrike-possessed crew participants, and there’s quiet the matter of Sarge’s bomb. Jaco solves each complications in one ravishing swoop. He takes the bomb, teleports aid onto the ship, and detonates the bomb after they’ve left Earth’s ambiance, asking the others to direct Sarge he done the mission. Doesn’t seem trusty for Izel, but without photos of her demise, I wouldn’t count out the Beast lawful but. 

After the explosive conclusion comes…a occasion! For the first time in months, the S.H.I.E.L.D. participants ultimately web to quiet down together. Fitz meets Deke all but again for the first time, Davis ultimately will get to sleep, and Mack makes up with Yo-Yo. 

Would possibly moreover just isn’t in grand of a partying mood, on the other hand. She sneaks aid to Sarge’s containment cell and proceeds to shoot him extra than one instances — presumably fatally. Which indubitably makes me surprise the put the season goes from right here! Our finest trace is an indication of Chronicom drama. Enoch (who luckily is quiet on the ticket!) contacts a fellow anthropologist soliciting for help rebuilding their civilization, while Malachi declares his blueprint to murder Enoch for betraying them — using the instrument that absorbed Fitz and Simmons’ memories. 

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