Alex Trebek gets choked up at contestant’s Closing Jeopardy response: ‘We like you Alex’

Alex Trebek gets choked up at contestant’s Closing Jeopardy response: ‘We like you Alex’

Contestant Dhruv Gaur would possibly perchance well no longer hang technically gotten the answer (er, request?) correct, nonetheless he peaceable won Monday’s episode of Jeopardy! in viewers’ eyes.

In some unspecified time in the future of the sixth day of the Match of Champions, Gaur wagered $1,995 of his $2,000 in Closing Jeopardy. When it came time for host Alex Trebek, who has been combating most cancers this one year, to read the contestant’s answer out loud, he was as soon as met with a non-public message of improve.

“What’s, “We like you, Alex!” Trebek read, his recount wavering. “Oh, that’s very style.”

Trebek choked up at Gaur’s unexpected and emotional answer, while the target audience equally regarded touched, responding with oohs and awws. #welovealex rapidly started trending on Twitter, with followers sharing the tearjerking video and expressing their very safe love for the iconic television figure.

Gaur himself explained on Twitter why that was as soon as his answer.

“Alex had fair shared with us that he was as soon as reentering therapy for pancreatic most cancers. We had been all hurting for him so badly,” he wrote. “When Closing Jeopardy came up, I’ll perchance well’ve tried to puzzle it collectively, nonetheless if truth be told, fair saved pondering about Alex, and understanding he would possibly perchance well peaceable know. I’m fair very grateful I received the opportunity to assert what I know all individuals was as soon as pondering. Sending the total love. #weloveyoualex”

Fans had been sending love to Trebek since he presented he was as soon as recognized with pancreatic most cancers earlier this one year. The prolonged-time host also told Staunch Morning The United States in September that he would undergo another spherical of chemotherapy.

Trebek has stayed resilient and constructive throughout the ordeal, continuing to host Jeopardy! He even released a PSA for pancreatic most cancers consciousness on Oct. 31. Nonetheless, the day when he has to step a long way flung from the point to would possibly perchance well no longer be so a long way into the future.

Though pointing out that he’d host Jeopardy! “as prolonged as [his] skills cease no longer diminish,” Trebek no longer too prolonged within the past neatly-known that “they’ve started to diminish.”

“I’m no longer as afflicted by it on legend of all of the oldsters around me are pronouncing, ‘No, it’s k,’” Trebek talked about in October. “However there’ll come some degree the establish they’re going to no longer have the option to assert, ‘It’s k.’”

Within the interview with Canadian information point to W5, Trebek also talked about he was as soon as “no longer stricken of demise,” as he’s lived a gratifying existence.

“One assert they’re no longer gonna stammer at my funeral as a component of a eulogy, ‘He was as soon as taken from us too rapidly.’ I’m Seventy 9 years mature. So, hi there, I’ve lived a correct existence, a full existence, and I’m nearing the wreck of that existence. I know that. I’m no longer gonna delude myself,” he persevered. “If it happens, it happens. And why would possibly perchance well peaceable I be stricken of it?”

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