Alicia Keys dominates the Teach Explain: ‘I am so critically greater than’ Jimmy Fallon


Alicia Keys proved her musical data reigns supreme when she played the Teach Explain with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday’s episode of The Tonight Novel.

This game — which Fallon functions out viewers can play at dwelling — requires one participant to wear headphones blaring loud music while attempting to be taught the lips of 1 other participant who’s reciting a tune lyric. The Grammy-successful artist used to be in it to recall it from the beginning achieve, telling the host, “That it’s probably you’ll must enunciate!”

The relate hits consist of Keys mistaking the lyric “I’m on tonight/ my hips don’t lie” for “I’m working out” (which she clearly used to be no longer) and Fallon being very obvious that the lyric “It takes two to form a element budge correct” used to be the truth is “kiss that dude.”

Keys arose the victor, and with a pout and pose, asserted humbly, “I’m so critically greater than you.”

Interrogate the hilarious exchange above.

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