Ally Condie and Brendan Reichs employees up for a sad original series: Scrutinize the ominous cloak


Ally Condie and Brendan Reichs are wading into The Darkdeep collectively.

The very top-promoting authors bear teamed up for an addictively darkish original heart-grade series, which is being pitched as Stranger Things meets The Goonies with the coronary heart of Stand By Me. It centers on a team of mates who are struggling to determine both themselves and their space in the sector. But after they stumble all over a mysterious portal, figments of their creativeness are inexplicably was actuality.

The principle e-book of the series, The Darkdeep, finds the team discovering a hidden island. Shrouded by dense timber and murky tides, the island looks uninhabited, even when the formative years can’t pretty shake the sensation that one thing about it is off. Their suspicions grow after they encounter an abandoned houseboat with an array of curiosities inner: weird-taking a search recordsdata from weapons, unnerving portraits, maps to areas they’ve never heard of, and a pitcher jar containing one thing entirely unidentifiable. As the team delves deeper into the unknown, their discoveries — and their lives — birth up to intertwine in abnormal and creepy programs.

Followers of Condie (Matched) and Reichs (Nemesis) will gain that their storytelling skills are neatly-paired here. The authors bear solely shared with EW the cloak for The Darkdeep, as neatly as an abnormal excerpt. Learn on under, and pre-present the e-book earlier than its Oct. 2 release here.

Excerpt from The Darkish Deep, by Ally Condie and Brendan Reichs

“Win out.” Nico took a step toward Logan and pointed on the curtain. “Now.”“Win out.” Nico took a step toward Logan and pointed on the curtain. “Now.”

“No. I don’t want to, and you would’t create me.” Logan lifted a e-book from the ‘Presumably’ stack and flipped the pages roughly. “What’s this space, anyway? What’s with the entire junk?”

“Give me that, Logan.” Opal stepped in entrance of him and held out her hand. He snorted and pushed past her. Nico hurried to Opal’s aspect.

“Did you present him?” he hissed. She felt Tyler and Emma watching.

“No!” Opal folded her arms. “Logan. Place the e-book down.”

“Dear Diary,” Logan whined, pretending to be taught. “My title is Nico. All my mates are abnormal and wimpy. Also, I’m in loooove with Opal Walsh. How can I accumulate her to adore me? Presumably if I put off her to a secret trash barge, she’ll—”

“Shut up,” Opal spat. Any sympathy she’d felt for Logan vaporized.

Logan closed the e-book. Opal nearly about sighed in aid as he build it again where he’d stumbled on it. But his phrases had been a slap to all of them. The stress in the room became as soon as choking.

Logan’s eyebrows rose as he peered past Opal. She adopted his search recordsdata from. In its jar atop the pedestal, the weird inexperienced advise became as soon as floating correct. Two darkish spots had seemed. They seemed adore eyes.

“Injurious.” Logan strode over and tapped the glass. “You guys map shut this from a bio lab?”

Opal stormed over and grabbed his arm. “Don’t touch anything.”

Logan gave her an wintry glare. “Hands off, Walsh.”

He’s the usage of my final title now, too. 

Opal tightened her grip. “You bear to depart. You don’t belong here.”

Logan flinched. “And likewise you cease?” he acknowledged acidly.

Emma and Tyler hurried all over the pedestal, blockading Logan’s detect of the again wall. But Tyler saved glancing over his shoulder. “Upright pause … pause where you are!”

“Oh wow.” Logan pulled freed from Opal’s accumulate. “Are you hiding one thing?” He pushed past Tyler and Emma. “Whaddya bought? A hidden vault burly of gold doubloons?”

He rapped a fist in opposition to the wall. The panel popped originate, revealing the staircase.

Logan stepped again in surprise. “Oh, crap. I became as soon as kidding.”

“It’s tremendous the preserve.” Emma shrugged, feigning nonchalance. “Rush ahead while you happen to earn to bear, but I’m now now not coming with you.” She made a scurrying circulate along with her fingers. “Spiders.”

The ploy nearly labored. Logan squinted into the darkness as if having second thoughts. Then he clicked his tongue. “Yeah, tremendous.” His sneakers rang on the stairs adore warning chimes as he headed for the basement.

“Logan!” Opal raced after him, the others trailing in the again of. “Hi there, severely. It’s now now not pleasurable down there!”

She took the steps two at a time, tripping on the final one and staggering into Logan, who stood on the Darkdeep’s edge. “What’s this?” he whispered, ignoring the collision.

“Nothing,” Tyler acknowledged reflexively.

“A neatly,” Emma answered on the identical time.

“One thing that can wound you.” Nico became as soon as the final to reach the bottom. “Believe me, Logan. That water is harmful.”

“Upright. Believe you.” Logan began to circle the pool. “Why is it animated adore that?”

Opal stood statue-soundless, now now not courageous to answer to. What if he touches the water? 

“This is your fault,” Nico hissed at her.

“I didn’t invite him!” Opal’s arms bear been shaking. Logan stared into the Darkdeep with a predatory gleam.

Nico’s eyes blazed. “He adopted you.”

Emma seemed away. Emotions warred on Tyler’s face, but he didn’t inform anything.

Opal couldn’t breathe with the bias of all of it. They bear been holding her in payment for Logan’s actions. Why became as soon as she liable for what he did? No. She answered for herself and no-one else. “I am drained of you doing this to me,” Opal spat by gritted enamel.

Nico flinched. His mouth opened.

“Doing what?” Logan had approach burly circle. “Are your mates being indicate, Opal?” He’d acknowledged her first title this time, but that intended nothing. No longer with that taunt in his direct. No longer after he’d stalked her all over Timbers and ruined all the pieces.

“Win out of here, Logan,” Opal acknowledged.

“No longer a likelihood.” He pointed on the churning water. “I want to perceive what this pool is, and why you’re being so abnormal about it.” His tone turned mocking. “Will it flip me into Spiderman or one thing?”

Nico raised a palm. “I promise you, that neatly is toxic. You bear to pause far from it.”

“I nearly reveal you, Holland.” Logan smiled wryly. “The world is you’re a wimp.”

He knelt and reached toward the water.

“No!” Opal rushed at Logan. She had to pause him.

Nico bought there first. He grabbed Logan’s arm and yanked it again.

“Win off me!” Logan tried to shove him away, but Nico held on, and the circulate knocked them both off-steadiness.

“Be aware out!” Opal cried.

Locked arm-in-arm, the two boys tipped, toppled, fell.

Logan touched the outside first. For a moment, the darkish water stilled.

Then it swallowed them entire.

Nico felt the cool of the Darkdeep envelop him.

His body seized as he became as soon as dragged down into the bottomless sad. A pulse of energy ran over him, by him. He wished to cry but suffocating liquid pressed in from both aspect. He became as soon as soaking moist. He became as soon as frozen. He became as soon as unmade.

Then all of it vanished. He floated in a void. Days. Seconds. An instantaneous.

Just like the cases earlier than, but additionally … assorted.

He felt some other presence struggling with him. Lashing. Twisting. Panicking.


The feeling flickered. Currents of pure vacancy scattered Nico’s thoughts.

Under them, Nico sensed a deeper awareness.

One thing murky. Alien. Impossibly feeble.

The Darkdeep wrapped him adore a funeral cloak, then tightened, enfolding Nico in a catch of hour of darkness sad.

His thoughts blanked, and he felt nothing extra.

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