Anne Hathaway addresses her nipple-gate Oscar dress


Have in mind when it regarded esteem everybody hated Anne Hathaway for no motive?

Smartly, Anne Hathaway remembers it. In an Instagram post, the actress threw it relieve to 2013 when she won the Oscar for Simplest Supporting Actress for her performance in Les Miserables, and wore a controversial pastel crimson dress with excellent seams.

“I had to trade my dress remaining minute and so it regarded esteem my nipples had been arduous, I had fleshy blown laryngitis and had to order, and a bunch of corny haters had been getting heaps of consideration from the media for being haters nevertheless you know what? It became serene the capable,” Hathaway renowned in the caption.

Thankfully, it’s now now not cool to abhor Hathaway anymore. So what if it appears to be like esteem she tries too arduous? Attempting arduous is the model you recall an Oscar. Hatha-haters to the left.

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