Bangladesh remains lowest in Asian hydropower production


China leads region in capacity followed by India and Japan

DataLEADS, New Delhi

Bangladesh remained the lowest hydropower producer among other countries in Asia since 2017.

However, Bangladesh, with a capacity of 230 megawatts,  and Nepal, the second lowest with 968 megawatts, are working towards increasing their capacity by commissioning more projects, said a latest report.

“A trilateral deal between the governments of Bhutan, India and

Bangladesh is also on the horizon, supporting the Dorjilung hydropower project (1,125 MW) in Bhutan and export to India and Bangladesh,” said International Hydropower Association in its 2018 Hydropower Status Report.

Hydropower production remained unchanged in Bangladesh as the IHA reported the same production capacityin its 2017 status report.

Meanwhile, China leads the region in hydropower capacity followed by India and Japan.

According to the Hydropower Status Report, East Asia and the Pacific has the highest annual increase in hydropower capacity with China contributing the largest share of installed capacity. Over 90 per cent of the capacity added in 2017 in the region came from China, which increased its total installed capacity to 341,190 MW.

Japan is second in the region with an installed capacity of 49,905 MW. It is followed closely by India with an installed capacity of 49,382 MW. In India, added capacity was contributed by the 1,200 MW Teesta III project in the Himalayan north-eastern state of Sikkim.

Vietnam is ranked third in the region with an installed capacity of 16, 679MW. It added to the greater Mekong region’s capacity with its 260 MW Trung Son project becoming fully operational in 2017.

Pakistan’s installed capacity is 7,477. Country’s new power project received certified emissions reduction credits under the Clean Development Mechanism.

South Korea and Malaysia have also been increasing their hydropower capacity. The latter has been working on expansion realising the significant role it plays in the country’s energy generation and meeting climate change goals.

Indonesia is ranked ninth in the region followed by North Korea that generates almost 70 per cent of electricity through hydropower, according to the above-mentioned report.

Laos’ hydropower capacity is 4,984 MW and has been consistently working towards strengthening its hydropower capacity. It exports electricity to China, Vietnam and Thailand and is keen to supply hydropower to Cambodia and Myanmar. It is followed by Thailand, Philippines and Myanmar.

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Source: The Daily Star