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Behold Wreckage of Vessel That Fired First American Shot in WWII


The horrible U.S.S.
Ward fired at a Eastern submarine an hour sooner than the attack on Pearl Harbor.

This Pearl Harbor Warship Fired First American Shot in WWII

Video by Paul G. Allen.

Archival photos from U.S. Navy Characterize- Naval History and Heritage Stammer

At 7:Fifty three am on December 7, 1941, Eastern war planes attacked the American disagreeable at Pearl Harbor. But simply an hour earlier, the usS. Ward fired at a Eastern midget submarine simply outside the harbor’s entrance. It is believed to be the fundamental shot fired by the U.S. in World Battle II.

The horrible destroyer, which modified into as soon as indirectly attacked by kamikazes and sunk in 1944, had been unseen for seventy three years—except now.

Novel video shows what remains of the usS. Ward the build it lies on the backside of Leyte Gulf within the Philippines. Whereas the positioning of the destroyer has been known since its sinking, it is the fundamental time the shatter of the vessel has been seen. Underwater photos taken by the R/V Petrel, an exploration ship owned by Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen, shows the seen remains of the 250-foot ship now overgrown with vegetation.

Taking pictures these photos of the Ward modified into as soon as no easy task. The remains sit down bigger than three miles below the surface, and a mix of sonar scanning, underwater cameras, and remotely operated automobiles reached the historical ship.

It is the most up-to-date underwater wreckage stumbled on by Allen’s analysis team. In August, they positioned the usS. Indianapolis, and in 2015, they stumbled on the remains of the world’s most fascinating battleship, the Musashi.

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