Borderlands three rolls out Halloween-y Bloody Harvest match next month

Borderlands three rolls out Halloween-y Bloody Harvest match next month

Borderlands three launched ideal closing week and already Gearbox Tool is speaking up its plans for themed events. That’ll be “Bloody Harvest,” next month’s spoopy Halloween homage.

The developer discussed Bloody Harvest within the middle of the Borderlands Point to livestream, a typical sequence that kicked off at the present time. This would maybe moreover be the vital of several free restricted-time events, and may perhaps maybe maybe soundless offer new enemies, a new location and, naturally, new loot. The Bloody Harvest design will likely be within the market to gamers who hang, within the vital recreation, departed Pandora and started exploring reputation aboard the Sanctuary three. Outside Pandora, they’ll bump into “Afraid” enemies, and after you damage them their astral selves come up and come in after you.

Touch one and likewise you salvage the Fear debuff, which “in part shrouds your vision in a mysterious mist,” says Gearbox, “and weakens your gun handling, accuracy and unfold.” Gamers will likely be on the hunt for a new substance known as Hecktoplasm, which they’re going to trade for entry to the Bloody Harvest design.

The Rakk-o-Lantern is de facto a form of mangy Rakks from Borderlands three with a Jack O’Lantern stuck on its head. It also breathes fireplace.

Gearbox Tool/2K Video games

That reputation is roamed by the delightfully named, fireplace-breathing Rakk-O’Lanterns (above) and helmed by Captain Hang-out, a variation of Captain Traunt, the Maliwan boss personality from the vital storyline. (His Halloween carry out is pictured at top.) Among the many loot on offer in Bloody Harvest: skins for every of the four Vault Hunters plus Moze’s mech and Fl4k’s pets, a pores and skin for the Echo Tool, two new guns, and a defend.

The weapon is understood as Fearmonger, and from this short clip it looks to be take care of a shotgun filled interior a jellyfish. The Fear debuff will also be applied to sure other loot so gamers can dismay the crap out of NPCs, too.

Gearbox didn’t reveal when Bloody Harvest would kick off, rather then next month. Astute Borderfans will maintain in thoughts that the 2009 recreation’s first extension became as soon as also Halloween-themed — rather then it launched a month after the reality. The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned became as soon as already within the works when the vital recreation became as soon as delayed to its mid-October date 10 years ago.