Cliff Hogg explains why he trusted Michie on Broad Brother

Cliff Hogg explains why he trusted Michie on<em data-lazy-src=

Cliff Hogg believes in handshake provides. Unfortunately, which diagram he furthermore believed that Michie would honor his and settle Cliff to the Broad Brother final three over his luxuriate in girlfriend if he obtained the final veto. Unfortunately, that naiveté within the end label Cliff the sport.

After pushing Nicole to sustain Michie’s showmance accomplice Holly as a replacement of Tommy for the final 4, Cliff then watched Michie attain what each other particular person on this planet knew he would attain and bring Holly along to the final three as a replacement of the mountainous likable man within the cowboy hat with misfortune wins who can also honest be in a field to beat him.

What became Cliff pondering?!? We asked the freshly evicted houseguest that and more on his technique to the jury dwelling, at the side of if he would comprise honored his cessation of the nick label and taken Michie to the final three, how he thinks he would comprise done in opposition to Nicole at the cessation, and who he is most taking a admire forward to seeing on the jury.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You informed Nicole that you simply made a address Michie that you simply would disclose one one more to the final three would possibly perhaps comprise to you obtained the veto and that you simply supposed to honor it. Would you comprise brought him to the final three had you obtained the veto?

CLIFF HOGG: Yes, I’ll perhaps presumably comprise. I spent a sleepless evening seeking to technique to a determination if I’ll perhaps presumably honor my phrase versus potentially giving myself a better final three for myself and Nicole, and within the cessation, I’ll perhaps presumably comprise honored my phrase and settle Michie with me.

What ever made you maintain he would opt you over his girlfriend?

That can perhaps perhaps presumably be a question I am asking myself now. Now we comprise spent loads of time over the season talking about honor, the label of handshakes, and I trusted him, more than I will deserve to comprise. As much as that point, he hadn’t done one thing that made me ponder I couldn’t belief him, however he had me fooled.

You tried to persuade Michie that his handiest transfer would possibly perhaps presumably be to send Holly to jury to champion his cause while you and Nicole would now not vote for him in opposition to Holly at the cessation. Pause you maintain he severely even handed that the least bit previous to sending you out?

I’m hoping he severely even handed it as a outcome of I believed within the arguments I became making both ways. I know somebody be pleased Michie, possible feeling pushed, became in a proceed to ward off as a replacement of brooding about those repercussions. But I hoped I’ll perhaps presumably acquire through to him on those aspects.

Pause you maintain he made the handiest sport transfer by balloting you out?

No. I ponder the query of a bitter juror will deserve to comprise made him ponder twice about sending me out the door over Holly.

Pause you now feel sorry about maintaining Holly around as a replacement of Tommy?

Hindsight is 20/20. I became frightened that if I kept Tommy, I’ll perhaps presumably comprise Tommy, who is a mountainous memory threat and Michie, who is a mountainous bodily threat, and having to compete in opposition to both. I furthermore did apprehension Tommy and his connection with Christie, and the stacked jury in opposition to Tommy. I feared that Tommy and Michie can also honest want been working together previous to and possible link up again, making me an uncommon man out.

How attain you maintain you would possibly perhaps comprise done in a final 2 in opposition to Nicole had you two made it to the cessation together?

That’s an even query as a outcome of as Nicole racked up wins in opposition to the cessation, she constructed up a worthy better resume. I’ll perhaps presumably comprise argued I became a fighter from the starting and I’ll perhaps comprise argued for the victory.

Sooner or later, which jury member are you most taking a admire forward to seeing?

I’m taking a admire forward to seeing Tommy. I opt into story him a friend. I’m furthermore taking a admire forward to seeing Kat. I in point of fact be pleased her however she didn’t leave the house on the handiest of terms with me so I feel rotten about that.

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