Conan introduces a scarier Fitbit different, FatBat


Conan O’Brien‘s leisurely-evening companion-in-crime Andy Richter doesn’t conception what all people else appears to be like to stare in the Fitbit. Sure, it is going to also objective motivate you to stroll extra by counting your steps, but he says it doesn’t guarantee results. He does, alternatively, possess a unusual product that may maybe.

It’s the FatBat! There’s “no weight reduction program, no gimmicks, estimable a upsetting guy who follows you around with a bat.”

The science of the FatBat is modest, Richter narrates in a Conan bit: It “makes exercise of your very right flight or fight intuition to burn energy.”

Who needs “like bracelets or athletic tools”? You’re guaranteed to fall just a few kilos when there’s “no generous observe” and “no off switch.”

Discover the FatBat bit above.

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