Contemporary Sonos provider lets your lease its speakers

Contemporary Sonos provider lets your lease its speakers

Sonos has quietly launched a brand novel subscription provider that lowers the initial barrier to taking dwelling its expensive linked speakers. Sonos Flex subscriptions launch at €15 per month and can moreover be canceled at any time. The provider is at the 2d restricted to perfect 500 homes within the Netherlands, but might presumably maybe maybe create greater globally if a success.

Sonos Flex subscriptions come in at three assorted price facets:

  • €15 per month: two Sonos One super speakers than might presumably maybe maybe moreover be paired collectively or standard individually in assorted rooms. (€458 if bought at Sonos.)
  • €25 per month: Sonos Beam soundbar and two Sonos One speakers for TV audio. (€907 if bought at Sonos.)
  • €50 per month: Playbar, Subwoofer, and 2 Sonos One speakers for a more tough dwelling theater setup. (€2,026 if bought at Sonos.)

The speakers come in in both murky or white, and can be robotically modified with basically the most as a lot as date devices as they’re launched. Subscribers can alter their subscriptions or demolish at any time. Orders choose about four days to process and shipping is free, with an option for free professional set up offered for Amsterdam residents (Sonos’ European HQ is positioned in Hilversum, about 20 minutes away).

The subscription is the firm’s most as a lot as date effort to lower the barrier of entry to Sonos gear. The firm objective no longer too long ago partnered with Ikea on the Symfonisk sequence, bringing the beginning price for a Sonos-effectively matched speaker down to perfect $ninety nine. In a observation emailed to The Verge, Sonos says that the Flex pilot also presents additional method to customers who payment “freedom and suppleness,” and who defend subscriptions for services fancy meal deliveries, leisure, and residential fitness.

Sonos Flex is mainly the most present instance of hardware subscriptions. Microsoft presents an All Access subscription to Surface computers (and beforehand, Xbox One consoles), whereas Apple has its annual mobile phone substitute program. You would also subscribe to VanMoof super bikes. Of these, the VanMoof offering is most carefully aligned with Sonos Flex, in that you just’ll below no conditions in truth beget the Sonos speakers (or super bike) you’ve been renting whereas you conclude the subscription.

So, as tempting as these somewhat low costs can be, it’d be financially unwise to subscribe to Sonos Flex for an prolonged length. For instance, you’ve got owned the speakers outright after 30 months of payments at the €15 tier, or Forty months at the €50 prime tier. Seemingly sooner since Sonos speakers are normally discounted. Appropriate, you wouldn’t be guaranteed upgrades to basically the most as a lot as date Sonos speakers, but up except now, the firm hasn’t substitute devices normally and Sonos speakers closing a in truth very long time.

When asked for commentary about a lease-to-beget feature, a Sonos spokesperson said they’re originate to it. “We’re taking note of customers within the route of the program, and if that’s an self-discipline of solutions, we’ll surely glance at it.”