Curtis is now not too overjoyed about his new mission in Arrow clip

Curtis is now not too overjoyed about his new mission in <em>Arrow</em> clip

In the wake of Team Arrow’s dissolution, Arrow costar Echo Kellum can’t obtain ample of Curtis Holt’s new R&D job at A.R.G.U.S.

“I’ve for all time in fact enjoyed the Curtis scenes the keep he’s in fact specializing in tech and in the encourage of a laptop,” Kellum tells EW. “I fancy getting out in the field, too, then again it’s a excellent alternate of breeze to scrutinize Curtis working for a government company.”

Luckily (for fans now not lower than), Curtis received’t be caught in the encourage of a desk all season; in Monday’s episode “The Demon,” Curtis has to head undercover as a biochemist to support his new employer steal an palms dealer. Truly, which you might scrutinize the moment that Diggle (David Ramsey) and A.R.G.U.S. Deputy Director Bell (David Stuart) give the hero previously is named Mr. Terrific his frightening new assignment in the spicy clip above.

“It’s a approach you’ve never seen Curtis sooner than. I had loads of fun shooting it, then again it was very hard,” says Kellum. “I’m able to’t damage too, too great about it, nonetheless I mediate that is also a in fact frigid episode for folk to scrutinize how Curtis gets undercover and how he handles it when he is.”

To succeed, Curtis can possess to live up to his superhero moniker and put his 14 PhDs and his fluency in five six various languages to exhaust — and it was that second bit that made filming the episode severely tough for Kellum.

“Basically the most productive thing that made it hard for me for my fragment as an actor is that I had to be taught various languages to be on this episode. It was the fun segment of it, too,” says Kellum. “You’ll witness Curtis roughly hone into that component that he’s extremely gleaming and knows more than one languages and has many levels. You in actuality witness us hone into these comic e book facets of him.”

Whenever you happen to’re questioning why Curtis appears to be like reluctant to head encourage out into the field in the clip (“In the mean time, I’m more of a chill in the encourage of van surrounded by shows roughly a man”), it’s because he’s peaceable traumatized by every part that came about final season.

“We’re gonna discover every part that came about final season with out a doubt hit him tough with Oliver going to penal complex and additionally appropriate being the field and of us getting damage,” showrunner Beth Schwartz told EW at The CW Fall Originate Tournament in October. 

Adds Kellum: “It’s with out a doubt one thing that weighs closely on his mind — appropriate how issues turned out final yr, how all of them in fact are repeatedly put at pain and repeatedly appropriate sacrificing so great to enact what they are going to for the metropolis, and that’s never a straightforward psychological hoop to for all time leap thru. There are some PTSD-esque feelings there with Curtis and the general occasions that transpired final season. So, he’s going to war with that in some formula, nonetheless I mediate he’ll for all time fall encourage to the component of how can I support of us and exhaust his mind for humanity in some particular procedure.”

With moderately of luck, he makes it encourage to his desk unscathed!

Arrow airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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