Danielle Herrington is the 2018 Sports activities Illustrated Swimsuit masks model: ‘It be a dream advance right’


Danielle Herrington made her Sports activities Illustrated Swimsuit debut as a rookie in 2017. one year later: She’s on the masks.

The 24-year-frail model from Compton, California, received the shock of a lifetime when SI Swim record Tyra Banks greeted her on the Sports activities Illustrated office with her 2018 masks. Herrington traveled to the Bahamas for her shoot and poses in a sizzling red Ola Vida string bikini on the masks.

Herrington is the Zero.33 shaded girl to masks SI Swim since the franchise started in 1964, following in the footsteps of Banks, who first covered the journal alongside Valeria Mazza in 1996, followed by a solo masks in 1997Beyoncé landed the coveted space in 2007, photographed by Cliff Watts in a diversity of Home of Deréon swimsuits.

“Two of my role devices are Tyra Banks and Beyoncé, so the truth that I fetch to be a half of this unbelievable crew of ladies as I radically change the Zero.33 shaded model on the masks of SI Swimsuit is a dream advance right,” Herrington acknowledged of the dignity. “I am so enraged to be fraction of this iconic price that has lengthy given identification and negate to ladies of all shapes, colors and beliefs. I’m hoping that younger girls who leer at this masks are impressed to dream as colossal as I did and work laborious to realize all their targets.”

In a 2017 interview with Fox News, Herrington printed that she repeatedly aspired to maintain a profession like Banks and star on the masks of SI Swim. “I ideal remember Tyra Banks being on the masks and that’s the save apart it started for me,” she acknowledged. “That’s what in actuality made me pursue modeling. SI became a blueprint from that level, from seeing Tyra on the masks. It became luxuriate in first of all verify… the entirety occurred naturally.”

And whereas she became so enraged for her debut Rookie shoot in 2017, she also had some first-time jitters.

“It took space in Fiji, and I became in actuality worried,” she printed. “You know the contrivance you’re so worried your knees shake? That became me. SI became my first colossal job modeling so I indubitably felt the stress within me.”

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