Di Biagio: I'm no longer a failure

Di Biagio: I'm no longer a failure

Luigi Di Biagio insists he did no longer fail Italy’s Below-21 group after stepping down. “If Romania had obtained the previous day, you’d have all told me that I used to be the correct…”

Di Biagio presented his resignation at a Press convention on Tuesday morning, nevertheless the CT furthermore took the opportunity to protect his file.

“We must separate our outcomes of the previous couple of years from what took space at this European Championship,” he outlined.

“I’d voice that a immense job has been done: we’ve brought thru many younger lads, we’ve confirmed to be aggressive and so many have long gone up to the seniors.

“Then there are the sore parts on yarn of our result here wasn’t obvious, nonetheless it’s no longer a failure for me.

“I’ll no longer be the Coach of the Below-21s. I thank all people, from the directors to [FIGC youth coordinator] Maurizio Viscidi.

“The fault is ours alone, with out looking out to search out excuses. The predominant ones responsible are me and the men who had been with me.

“But whoever says we put no longer have any sort of play and don’t high-tail are erroneous. We’ve had more photographs, we’ve been more bad than the others.

“If Romania had obtained the previous day, you’d have all told me that I used to be the correct…”

Does the forty eight-year-feeble stand by his decision to call up so many avid gamers from Italy’s senior and U20 groups?

“Yes, fully,” he answered.

“Even Zaniolo and Kean gave me something, possibly less than the completely different four, nevertheless I don’t after all feel esteem blaming them.

“People furthermore put out of your mind that we needed to mortgage avid gamers to the Below-20 group for the World Cup. Now we have forty-50 avid gamers between U19, U20 and U21 levels.

“The adolescence groups have long gone a long way past expectations. Precise failure is that if you elect up no parts and no-one goes up to the national group.”

Lastly, the used Roma and Inter midfielder put himself out to golf equipment looking out to search out unique Coaches.

“I’m within the marketplace. Serie A and Serie B golf equipment had been me, nevertheless out of admire for the FIGC I’ve always said ‘no’.

“Thanks to our development over time, I after all feel ready for stamp spanking unique challenges. I would’ve left even though we’d obtained.

“I no longer felt ninety nine.9 % stimulated, even though I would’ve left the door originate to the Olympics.”