Donald Glover offers us a tour of Lando’s Millennium Falcon in Solo: A Critical person Wars Story


“This ship has seemingly by no approach regarded greater than when Lando had it.”

In a brand fresh at the relief of-the-scenes video, Donald Glover offers Critical person Wars fans a tour of the pristine Millennium Falcon as we’ll peep it in Solo: A Critical person Wars Story, earlier than his younger Lando Calrissian misplaced the starship to Han Solo in a card game.

While Han aged the Falcon as a like a flash but aged smuggling vessel, it’s certain Lando regarded because it a flying bachelor pad. Glover walks us throughout the living quarters, appropriate for leisure with a sound plan and adjacent meals and low bar. (Display cloak: Wookiee cookies. For when Chewie wants to be reminded “Who’s a factual boy?”)

Then we get a tour of the drowsing quarters.

“These pillows are manufactured from precise kajak hair,” Glover explains. “That’s tough to get.”

There’s no file of what (or who) a “kajak” is, but EW has requested Critical person Wars myth neighborhood maestro Pablo Hidalgo. We’ll update with whatever he can portion.

Adjacent to the captain’s room is the cape closet. Glover walks us through Lando’s attire for every event: “an day after day cape… sister’s wedding cape… Intergalactic president’s day cape …” He holds out a fur-lined one. “Here’s precise an if-someone-will get-chilly-cape.”

I’d are making an try to get a tour of the Falcon by Han after he finishes grubbing it up.

Solo: A Critical person Wars Story opens Might perchance well well well additionally fair 25.

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