Dramatic Photos of Our World From Above


“I was blown away by the mammoth structures and residing spaces of Hong Kong,” says photographer Gary Cummins. As a drone photographer, Cummins explored the metropolis–including the Richland Gardens housing complex located advance Kowloon Bay. “To salvage this perspective required some patience and care, nonetheless to explore it from the head down versus the ground up, affords it a complete unique myth.”


Pictures is a meditative be conscious for Toronto photographer Gary Cummins. Working within the diagram industry by day, Cummins relishes his nights and weekends to explore his sky-high passion. “Pictures for me is mainly time spent with myself. It affords me an opportunity to particular my ingenious side and to lift the natural and artifical elegance of the arena,” says Cummins. A most up-to-date entrant to the 2018 Accelerate Photographer of the 300 and sixty five days contest, Cummins’ photography highlights how he prefers to explore the arena—hovering drones above intricate metropolis grids and lush, untamed landscapes.

Discovering Pictures

Seven years within the past, Cummins was drawn to photography as a damage from the day-to-day grind, seeing his world in a unique capability and finding elegance in mundane moments around him. “The capability I explore at it, there may per chance be quite a lot of elegance in easy things. You’ve gotten exact bought to gaze at them in a obvious capability that’s more fair,” says Cummins. An Ireland native, Cummins snappily joined the native Toronto community of drone photographers and began to explore his environment from above. “I assumed it was enormous capability to salvage a special perspective of a building or a skyline that has been shot 1,000,000 cases from the ground. You’re introducing a unique perspective and the parable takes a special route.”

Soaring In the Sky

As drone photography rules proceed to develop, photographers like Cummins, are on a frequent foundation pressed to ascertain they’re flying safely—and legally—one thing Cummins is terribly responsive to. “The major ingredient it is advisable to have to ascertain that is safety, and giving drone operators a exact name. You would like ascertain that the must haves are exact. There are rules in cities and drone operators get rather of a substandard reputation with reference to urban photography, which is unhappy. That’s mainly attributable to a reckless few these that throw caution to the wind, doing no matter they wish. You would like salvage your due diligence.” Cummins prepares forward, similar to using Google maps to devise his shoots, checking native prison guidelines, and staying on high of the weather. “I conception the shot. I don’t recall pointless risks. If it be too windy, I’ll per chance perhaps well now not flit. If it be substandard weather, I’ll per chance perhaps well now not flit. Follow the rules and get a good time with it,” he says.

No Boundaries

When cities originate up to feel confining, he travels the arena, including most up-to-date trips to Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Hong Kong, and the American southwest. “Nature is diverse. You’ve gotten bought worthy more freedom, nonetheless it no doubt’s diverse because it be more about contours and rivers and natural elegance. It strikes a chord in my memory of even as you gaze out the window of a airplane and you explore the general mountains and surroundings and you suspect—I’ll per chance perhaps well like to be a pilot because I’ll per chance perhaps well gaze at this stuff all day.”

Gas Your Ardour

His advice to others? “You gotta originate up someplace. Purchase up your camera and compare out, nonetheless put collectively yourself to fail. Whisper the win as a instrument for studying. We live in an age the effect it’s all at our fingertips. I judge as soon as you have to to perhaps well also honest get an inkling that you just have to to perhaps well also honest have to salvage one thing—salvage all the pieces for your vitality to salvage it. Fabricate now not recall encourage, you owe it to yourself to supply it a shot, salvage accessible and possess it!”


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