Evaluate: Alienware’s m17 is a lean imply gaming machine with an incredible-sized display cloak

Evaluate: Alienware’s m17 is a lean imply gaming machine with an incredible-sized display cloak

Alienware‘s m17 is a exhausting computer to pigeonhole. For all appearances it’s moral a higher version of the m15, however in notice it’s one thing exclusively diversified. Obvious they spy the equivalent, however the smaller one most efficient in actuality competes in opposition to diversified gaming laptops. The m17 feels constructed to score on all-comers.

The scale

Bigger is in general better, however it’s additionally … neatly, higher. Alienware and diversified manufacturers hang wrestled with the astronomical reside of gaming laptops for years, however most efficient as of late hang we viewed these contemporary slimmed-down designs float against the tip of the vitality spectrum.

And this means the m17 isn’t moral for gamers with deep pockets. In the configuration I tested – which involves the 4K display cloak option, Nvidia RTX 2080 Max-Q make graphcs card, and an Intel core i9-8950HK CPU at 2.90GHz – it’s ideally fitted to make, video making improvements to, tune, and photography. Plus that you just would possibly toss it for your backpack. Successfully, you’ll want a astronomical backpack, however no no longer up to it’s moveable.

The looks

The m17 looks esteem someone grabbed an m15 by its corners and stretched it two inches. I specialize in that is unbelievable on epic of it manner there’s extra of the swish red soft-touch area matter covering its lid.

The leisure of the make is natty, easy, and trendy. I esteem the alien angles and garish logos, however I luxuriate in how subdued as of late’s m-series is when compared to Alienware‘s older offerings. Aloof, I wish Alienware also can figure out learn how to orderly down the bezels around the display cloak moral a hair. I’m no longer good if they’re so astronomical on epic of they couldn’t squeeze all the center into a smaller produce ingredient so that they moral added bezels unless the tip matched the bottom, or if it’s the display cloak’s fault. For without reference to try, the display cloak is somewhat swallowed up.

The vitality

Sufficient about looks, the precise essential particular person of the ticket is what’s beneath the hood here. This thing is a monster. I obtained’t repeat you it’s the quickest gaming computer obtainable – it’s no longer even the quickest Alienware computer – however I will sing that it’s quick enough play most games on max settings at 1080p option whereas declaring one hundred FPS or higher. And it’s in a position to declaring 60 FPS at 4K option for most games on the high/very high or equivalent graphical settings.

It’s additionally higher than fitted to Photoshop, 4K video making improvements to and rendering, and diversified equally resource-intensive make and instrument functions. Here’s one of the few laptops I’m in a position to edit 4K photos, 3D movies for VR, urge my complete recording studio on, or play Shadow of The Tomb Raider with all of its graphical alternate suggestions became on, including precise-time ray-tracing.


The gaming journey on the m17 goes beyond simply taking part in the uncooked vitality of its RTX 2080 card and Intel Core i9 processor. As a result of its size you hang the selection to revel in 4K gaming, a corpulent-sized keyboard total with quantity pad, and heaps ports for your peripherals. Don’t get me negative even supposing, it’s about the vitality too.

Credit score: Nicole Grey

I performed the normal suspects: Huge Theft Auto V, Skyrim VR, LA Noire: The VR Case Files, The Witcher three, and Forza Horizon four. To the sport, every performed perfectly. GTA and The Witcher spy unbelievable and play buttery-delicate. The VR titles had been free of hiccups, tearing, and freezing – a rare feat for a computer. And physique charges had been consistent across the board – over one hundred for 1080p, over 60 for 4K.

However I discovered I loved the m17 most efficient after I started pulling out games I in general reserve for playing on higher shows connected to beastly desktops. Civilization VI, Total Wrestle: The Three Kingdoms, and NBA 2K19 all work considerably better on a 17-plug display cloak than a 15, and this one has enough vitality in the support of it to be clear I don’t leave out my desk.

All the pieces else

Issues lunge from stellar to perfectly practical whereas you get past the fundamental promoting points of the m17. This isn’t a knock, clearly Alienware had to score relatively when it came to filling up the restricted region it had to work with internal of the slimline case.

The audio is enough. I’ll be true, I became as soon as so nonplussed by the audio system that I didn’t effort listening to tune on them. They elevate out a blooming job for gaming, having all the moral moves to imitate encompass sound, however there’s no oomph to them. I compensated by the utilization of headphones.

The fans aren’t restful and, beneath the default vitality profile, they’re continually on. And I imply continually. At the same time as you determine the computer in sleep mode by pushing the vitality button or closing the lid, they’ll peaceable be on. If they shut off after a few minutes, they’ll inexplicably kick on minutes or hours later despite the fact that the lid remains closed. This isn’t a complaint, this computer is a monster and all same laptops urge hot. Alternatively it’s one thing attainable traders need to be attentive to. Especially whereas you’re stale to less grand rigs.

Alternatively there is any other colorful jam for the m17 buried beneath its growling graphics card and gnashing processor: the battery. Whatever magic Alienware‘s managed to keep out has resulted in a computer with a 17-plug 4K display cloak that would possibly perchance urge for roughly 5 hours on battery vitality alone. Obviously this dips dramatically whereas you’re gaming, however in any other case it manner that you just would possibly if truth be told lunge back and forth with this thing or exercise it at a coffee shop.

The underside line

I esteem astronomical laptops and I’m in a position to no longer lie, however this one isn’t enormous. At the same time as you’re moving up you’ll admire the further region, however whereas you’ve already obtained an older 17-incher and likewise you’re taking a take into epic to modernize: you’re going to admire how minute the m17 feels.

At the same time as you esteem vitality, it’s obtained heaps stuffed internal its somewhat small shell. If all you care about is vitality: hang into epic the Alienware House m51 as a replacement. The m17 is the simpler taking a take into epic mannequin, for my money, and its graceful 17-plug 4K display cloak pushes it over the tip for me.

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