Fling Plod star Blair St. Clair debuts empowering unusual music video


Warning! This submit contains major spoilers relating to the latest installment of RuPaul’s Fling Plod. Learn ahead at your hold threat!

Sadly for Blair St. Clair, RuPaul did insist the 22-365 days-stale Indiana native the latest Fling Plod eliminee after an emotionally taxing judging ceremony in the end of Thursday evening’s episode. Although this week’s mock DragCon panel tell within the rupture did her in, St. Clair went out on an empowering existing as she bravely spoke her truth, revealing that she had been raped sooner than entering the competitors. Now, on the morning after her Fling Plod swan song, St. Clair had a chat with EW about overcoming the darkness in her previous — a course of she channeled into the lyrics for her unusual single “Now or Never,” the music video for which EW can completely demonstrate above. Learn on for the plump interview.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Hi Blair! How are you? Are you holding up okay?
Yeah, I’m sizable!

Correctly, here we are, the day after your elimination episode, and after all it wouldn’t be a Fling Plod elimination without a single release and a music video. Are you able to train me a runt relating to the song and what inspired it?
The song is about life events and struggles, about residing life in a shadowy-and-white cage and at remaining making the resolution to live life itself and it in coloration to make doubtlessly the most out of it. It’s about finding [what] your appropriate dreams [are] from what life handed you.

The video’s glorious is so cool and I indulge in it reflects your selection of creep so successfully, and I indulge in seemingly that didn’t come all over rather as strong on the demonstrate. Create you suspect the judges seemingly didn’t ticket you or know what to perform with you?
[The show] is risqué, enjoyable, and inspired by pop culture, and I maintain positively included that in my creep. But [my drag] would possibly be… stale school meshed with a younger, unusual glorious of my life, being a younger 22-365 days-stale. The judges on Fling Plod in reality regarded at that as something that used to be unusual and enjoyable and so they enjoyed it, but didn’t fully ticket it. I used to be elated to disclose that to the demonstrate and seemingly introduce something a runt of unusual.

I indulge in no lower than in this episode, the reasoning for why you gravitate against the lighter, prettier facet of creep did advance to light. Sooner than you revealed your very inner most story on the runway, used to be it hurtful or frustrating to verify of us criticizing your formula without fully working out the reasoning on the inspire of it?
That used to be roughly hurtful or laborious to ticket, on legend of on my Fling Plod toddle, I used to be by no device used to be in reality criticized [before by the judges]. The harshest criticism I received used to be that I used to be rather too sweet or too peaceable, and I indulge in those as positives, no longer negatives… my entire life, I’ve by no device in reality been [given] detrimental evaluations… and listening to those things [on the show], I took it negatively for the first time. I used to be thinking, “Oh my gosh, am I a failure? Am I a mission?” These items had been laborious to listen to, particularly when it needed to perform with [the style] I’ve constructed around myself that has made me in reality feel chuffed and right.

It used to be fearless to originate up about your ride with rape. Had you planned to originate up on the demonstrate? Or used to be it a form of things that you weren’t looking ahead to to insist, but it came out within the warmth of the moment?
This used to be something that I by no device introduced up to a producer. I kept it down and hidden, and even by technique of the exhaustion and stress of Fling Plod and filming, I by no device belief it used to be something I’d disclose up. That day, I don’t in reality keep in mind talking on legend of it came from the coronary heart and no longer from wherever else.

It’d be grand for rape survivors to advance forward, particularly within the LGBT neighborhood.
I indulge in my platform is to share my story and hopefully change one life at a time by reaching someone who can speak to me… creep is artwork and we maintain a platform the place we can focus on [about these things]. This day, the place we are in historical previous and culture — no longer only homosexual culture and with creep culture turning into mainstream — it’s an infinite platform we can use to focus on on so many things… It’s my job now so that you might perchance alter one life at a time. We’re turning into a society and culture that’s more originate and accepting and loving, and now it’s my job to be more originate and invite more of us rather bit into my life to imaginable change a life if I’m able to.

It used to be also empowering to verify Vixen stand there with you on the runway and content she wanted to acquire the particular particular person that did this to you. That’s indispensable for other folks to verify too, ravishing? The holding sisterhood Fling Plod kinds?
Fully. When it involves life ride and things that I maintain long passed by technique of or challenges that I’ve overcome, that [support] has no longer only occurred between one scuttle, one gender, or one sexual orientation. All people on the present time in life goes by technique of such metamorphosis and alter and life ride, and Fling Plod is something that’s been able to disclose so many contributors together. Ru says so many instances that we’re able to resolve our household, and I’ve chosen such an unparalleled household, particularly my season 10 sister which maintain supported me, and now it’s my job to toughen them.

I ticket it’s only been just a few hours, but the fan reaction to that moment has been so strong on social media. Enjoy you been seeing an amplify in of us reaching out and talking about their reports with you?
I ward off social media rather in overall, particularly after extensive events, and I don’t learn comments. But, I maintain tried to [change that], on legend of now it is my job to be that inform and that particular person to present like inspire to contributors who’re reaching out to me that share the a similar story. I’ve had just a few those which maintain emailed me or despatched me things and comments of how they speak to me. It’s undercover agent-opening and in reality special and selfless of them. [Before, it was a lot about] me, me, me, and I at remaining realized it’s no longer in relation to me, it’s about moving other of us into my life as successfully on legend of seemingly I’m able to share something about me to lend a hand them, and it’s in reality beautiful to verify the reaction.

I don’t mean to jerk the wheel too far left, but I’m questioning in case you’d care to take care of reports that a resolve ordered a shuttle ban for you, which you defied to movie Fling Plod?
That used to be something that came out a truly long time within the past, and it used to be frustrating to verify a leak [about me] from sooner than my season of Fling Plod aired. That used to be someone who knew me personally [leaking] files that wasn’t ravishing, and it used to be very laborious for me since I wasn’t legally able to focus on about it on the time. All I’m able to comment [now] is that my inner most life — particularly my legalities — are something that I’ve labored out and I’ve made it imaginable for myself to explore future endeavors in my profession. It’s something that I’ve long passed by technique of personally. [But that story] wasn’t factually [correct].

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