Gaze the trailer for label fresh Netflix tiny-city romance sequence Virgin River

Gaze the trailer for label fresh Netflix tiny-city romance sequence <em data-lazy-src=

“I bought my condo, after which I give up my job, and I moved to this city that I’ve by no methodology heard of…”

So begins the first trailer for Netflix’s impending Virgin Rivera brand fresh sequence per the bestselling romance novels of the same name by Robyn Carr. The persona talking is Melinda Monroe (This Is Us‘ Alexandra Breckenridge), a young lady starting over as a nurse practitioner in a faraway corner of Northern California.

The trailer showcases masses of Melinda’s struggles in her fresh city, from her rundown, vermin-infested cabin the build she’s taking up predicament to the physician (Tim Matheson) who doesn’t need her support as a nurse practitioner, no matter getting been hired for the job. There’s furthermore her mother support dwelling, who appears to be like to agree with Melinda is running away from her troubles.

But there’s one life like situation — Jack’s Bar and its hunky proprietor, Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson), who is taking Melinda to the batting cages and making her cabin extra livable alongside with his handyman abilities (’utter off is there something extra stunning than a dude fixing up your condo for you?).

Virgin River is the first of 20 books in Robyn Carr’s sequence named for the titular tiny-city. Season 1 is 10 episodes, but there’s lots extra provide cloth previous it as effectively.

“I essentially revel in the Hallmark movies, but I salvage relating to the build they’re essentially comfortable, Netflix is slightly of bit edgier. It’s a ideally good match,” Carr beforehand told EW of her signing off on Netflix adapting her novels.

Gaze the trailer above for added. Virgin River debuts Friday, Dec. 6 on Netflix.

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