Group Fortress 2’s Pyro is getting a jet pack


Group Fortress 2’s Jungle Inferno update arrives this present day, bringing with it a novel batch of jungle-themed maps, 36 fresh contracts and a bunch of novel beauty items. It additionally introduces some indispensable adjustments for the Pyro, ensuing from four fresh weapons.

The Pyro’s fresh weapons, which embody a jetpack that will most definitely even be geared up in their secondary weapon slot, would possibly most definitely even be earned by polishing off six contracts coming in this present day’s update. Right here’s an outline of every and what they enact:

  • The Dragon’s Fury (indispensable) — A extremely fantastic single-shot flamethrower. Consecutive hits lower reload time and deal bonus wound.
  • The Thermal Thruster (secondary) — A jetpack that fires a fast-interval blast and affords 3x falling wound to opponents you land on.
  • The Gas Passer (secondary) – A gas can that creates a “horrific visible gas cloud” that coats enemies with a flammable arena materials that ignites into afterburn if enemies purchase wound.
  • The Sizzling Hand (melee) – A glove that affords Pyro a stride enhance at the same time as you hit an enemy player. Every winning slap with Sizzling Hand is displayed within the abolish feed.

The Pyro’s varied flamethrowers are additionally getting some tweaks, with fresh particle outcomes and a extra consistent visible illustration of flame wound. Afterburn outcomes are additionally changing: Burn interval is now primarily based on how long the flamethrower used to be actively hitting an enemy, Valve said, meaning “no extra puff-and-stride assaults that procure enemies burn for ten seconds.” Airblast outcomes are additionally getting an overhaul.

Oh, and Pyro is additionally getting this taunt.

In the end, the Heavy class is additionally getting one thing fresh: a banana that recharges successfully being. It’s called The 2nd Banana. Sad.

More crucial aspects, including intensive patch notes, are readily accessible at the Jungle Inferno pages on the Group Fortress 2 web web page.