Hands on: The touchscreen NAD M10 is the form of amps to reach back

Hands on: The touchscreen NAD M10 is the form of amps to reach back

Except you’re obsessed, holding updated with audiophile hi-fi gear is difficult. There’s a never ending present of generically-named firms combining some random letters and numbers, slapping them on a sunless cuboid, after which promoting it for thousands of bucks. It’s uncommon I look for something I feel will make an affect outside of the audiophile residence, however the NAD M10 constructed-in amplifier has a gamble to crash the mold.

First off, yes, it’s a generically named company releasing a product whose title is a mix of a random letters and numbers. However the NAD M10 (lol) is totally different. It desires to pull amplifiers into the long term. I spent an hour taking part in with it in London and came away very impressed.

Sooner than we go on though, a keep. I’ll save the amplifier’s specs at the bad of the fragment, so even as you’re attracted to pure numbers, you’ll be succesful to win them down there.

Got it! So what makes the NAD M10 special?

Typically, it’s a streaming-first machine with a touchscreen where, on a typical amplifier, you’d win dials and knobs and buttons. It’s designed to now not absolute most life like ship the identical make of efficiency as an extinct-well-liked amplifier, but as well work seamlessly with popular methods of music listening.

It’s also minute (about half the scale of a typical amp) and stunning:

I took just a few of my trust photos of the NAD M10, however the lighting was noxious and all of them came out terribly. Sorry about that, but here’s a press shot.

The controls on the touch veil gave the impression slick and responsive after I passe it, but having to rise up and dash across a room to manipulate your amplifier would be horrendous. In its set, you’ll be succesful to expend the BluOS app, which is the instrument the amp runs.

This alter app ability that you can contain out enter sources (of which the NAD M10 has heaps of) and play music from streaming products and companies or NAS drives. In the end of my expend, BluOS labored shapely, but I never exclusively trust apps to rep traditional items admire trade the amount or trade enter – it continually appears a fiddly and unreliable blueprint of endeavor a normal process.

Luckily, the NAD M10 also has IR efficiency. Though it doesn’t reach with far away, I was shown you’ll be succesful to connect a third-occasion machine to the amplifier and expend that to manipulate traditional functions. In my thoughts, here is a must.

To sum it up, the NAD M10 takes a digital formulation to amplifiers. It doesn’t feel admire an add-on, rather something that sits at the machine’s core. The expend of it now not absolute most life like feels slick, but, properly, kinda admire the long term.

These are the array of inputs the NAD M10 has. Soak it in, friends.

So what referring to the sound?

A pair of caveats here. My slot was absolute most life like an hour, the tracks I carried out had been all on the HD steaming carrier Tidal, and the NAD M10 was being passe along side a pair of Avant Garde Uno XD audio system (which stamp extra than $35,000). For an ethical evaluate, I’d trust to expend the amplifier in my trust residence with gear I’m extra conscious of.

However, in the managed space-up, the M10 delivered an exciting, balanced, and versatile sound that I’m a vast dan of

At high volumes, lesser amplifiers tend to muddy the jazz-influenced drum work on Mastodon’s ‘Iron Tusk,’ but with the M10 the thoughts-bending percussion was decided and mountainous. Goddamn it sounded unswerving.

Animal Collective’s ‘Brother Sport,’ has a cacophonous and disorientating heart part where it feels admire the song’s collapsing. Paying consideration to it with the M10 I heard particulars I’d previously overlooked and, regardless of rather distortion, the amplifier stopped the computer screen from falling into pure white noise.

One other of the M10’s energy is its appropriate timing. On Moses Boyd’s nu-jazz computer screen ‘Rye Lane Trail,’ the instruments sounded detailed, sitting together in a contrivance that made me feel as though I was in the room at some point of recording. There was a deft realness to the vogue the M10 deals with songs.

In the end of my time listening, I went by blueprint of a mode of completely different genres with the M10 and stumbled on it handled them expertly. The bass was balanced, the high-ends sparkled, and the separation was decided. The generous plot back was that there was a lack of chunk on some tracks, making songs spirited, as a substitute of exhilarating. In general though, I stumbled on the M10 to be a brilliantly versatile amplifier.

Any reservations?

Well, I previously talked about my considerations about controlling an audio machine the expend of mainly a handheld machine admire a telephone. Whereas here is okay for selecting and participating in music, I can look for traditional items admire adjusting the amount or altering enter getting tense. The probability of including a miles away is sizable, but it would be fine to trust one included.

My absolute most life like completely different subject is how the interface on the NAD M10 ages. Of us tend to trust an amplifier for a protracted time and there’s a gamble that in, deliver, ten years time, the NAD M10’s OS and hardware could be clunky and out of date. Indifferent, over-the-air updates could well perhaps encourage deliver this shift.

I also rather admire buttons and dials, of which the M10 has none, but I’m potentially being too extinct well-liked and could well perhaps unswerving embrace the digital age.

Who’s the NAD M10 for?

Audio enthusiasts who desire a digital-first amplifier that’s, properly, completely different.

At $2,499 the NAD M10 isn’t cheap, but I completely loved my time with it. Whereas I can’t vouch for the amplifier exclusively, I did feel sad walking far off from it. Confidently I’ll rep a gamble to play with it all over again.

So, even as you’re an audiophile who’s purchasing for something completely different, you’ll want to silent severely contain into consideration the NAD M10, it’s in actual fact the form of amps to reach back.

(Some specs for you)

  • HybridDigital nCore amplifier
  • Continuous vitality: 100W into 8/Four Ohms
  • Dynamic vitality: 160W into 8 ohms & 300W into Four ohms
  • 32-BIT/384kHz ESS Sabre DAC
  • 1GHz ARM CORTEX A9 processor
  • Dirac Live Room Correction
  • Bluetooth: aptX HD
  • Supported audio file formats: MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, WMA-L, ALAC, OPUS
  • Excessive decision audio formats: MQA, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, DSD playback by blueprint of the BluOS desktop app (absolute most life like)
  • Irascible dimensions (W x H x D): 215 x A hundred x 260 mm

For added specs, head here. Whilst you happen to’d expend to expend your self an NAD M10, go here.

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