How Lin-Manuel Miranda got right here to write the rap within the Upward thrust pilot


Upward thrust tells the story of a excessive faculty theater division that’s striking collectively a efficiency of “Spring Awakening,” nonetheless there are varied kinds of music within the impart. Essentially, earlier than football player Robbie Thorne (Damon J. Gillespie) ever takes the stage for the drama division, he’s handed a mic at a pep rally. Channeling Rupture Williams, he then performs a rap to win the group going. Ideally agreeable, it’s no longer upright any rap.

With Hamilton producer Jeffrey Seller on board Upward thrust as an EP, he knew there used to be most appealing one particular person he wanted to write Robbie’s rap: Lin-Manuel Miranda. “We would own favored a rap, so who else blueprint you call,” Seller says. “Lin had spent the easier piece of that twelve months in London filming Mary Poppins Returns, and when the impart got right here up, I known as him and mentioned, ‘Now we own this young character who does a one-minute rap.’ And Lin mentioned, ‘A one-minute rap? That’s my uniqueness. I’d esteem to.’ So he generously helped give a rap to our young Robbie character for our pilot episode’s pep rally.”

It’s likely you’ll well be in a space to check out the rap in elephantine above. As for Upward thrust, it premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.