I attempted to reside off of Amazon Prime for a week — right here’s what I realized


I’m a abominable cook. I’m the form of man who struggles to net scrambled eggs properly. I burn toast. While Amazon implies that you just can present all styles of groceries, it doesn’t but have an on-question restaurant provide service love UberEats, GrubHub or DoorDash.

When I purchased house after a lengthy day of labor, I almost repeatedly cheated and real ordered food pretty than cooking what I ordered from Amazon. I also cheated at work, since I might well now not net something from Amazon delivered and didn’t repeatedly pack a lunch.

There were other areas where I needed to cheat on Amazon. I wanted a prescription replenish and requested my physician to call it into a local pharmacy. Amazon is brooding about selling on-line prescriptions, and right here’s a market I suspect would be big convenient for its customers.

Also, I needed to make your mind up out gasoline for my commutes backward and ahead from work. Amazon doesn’t sell gasoline, so I needed to cheat there. Similarly, my wife and I wanted a bottle of wine for dinner over the weekend, and we couldn’t net that delivered on question. I don’t think Amazon will ever sell gasoline or a big number of alcohol.

There were other locations where I realized Amazon had nothing to give. Since giving up on the Fire Cell phone, Amazon now not has a mapping service, so I outdated skool Google Maps in the automobile to net to and from work.

Sooner or later, Amazon doesn’t provide any sort of banking service. Again, that might perhaps also simply swap and is a clear opportunity for the corporate. I relied on my regular credit rating and debit playing cards and outdated skool Venmo to ship money to a friend who I owed from a recent California traipse back and forth.

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