James Comey will be ‘slimy’, nonetheless he’s now not a liar


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Media captionComey assesses Trump in fresh memoir

So let’s cut back straight to it. I have been studying the book, and watched the interview. I also spent hours listening to James Comey giving testimony to Congress earlier than he became fired and afterwards. And my views about him own coalesced.

I mediate he’s ineffective, smug, pious, barely pompous, supercilious, faux-naïve over the Hillary Clinton emails and the feature he performed in determining the close results of the election, and sly within the non-public comments he makes about Donald Trump – orange face, white half of-moon eyes and shrimp hands.

A minute bit juvenile, no? And most of all I mediate it’s the bottom of political smears to give credence to the Moscow resort peeing prostitutes myth on the premise of salacious and unsubstantiated claims.

“I actually never notion these phrases would come out of my mouth, nonetheless I manufacture now not know whether or now not the unusual president of the United States became with prostitutes peeing on every diversified in Moscow in 2013,” Comey mentioned in an interview with ABC Data.

Successfully must you manufacture now not know, then manufacture now not command it. If the prolonged serving prosecutor (as he became in his youthful days) had mentioned that in court docket, the defence would own risen and mentioned “Objection your honour, conjecture”. And the bewitch would own sustained that objection.

So why is Comey doing that in a “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” plan in his interview with George Stephanopoulos? It makes him peer love a shrimp, bitter man who misplaced his thoughts and misplaced his judgement at roughly the an identical time. There had been a couple of diversified asides about the Trump’s marriage that perceived to me to suit into the “unworthy” category.

However there is one diversified judgement I’d rep about Comey. I manufacture now not mediate he’s a liar. And on the stuff that indubitably issues, that’s basically the most well-known.

If it ever comes to an impeachment project against President Trump (something interestingly Comey says he hopes does now not happen – his argument that it became the American people that elected him; it would possibly well actually well per chance furthermore aloof therefore be the American people that boot him from workplace), then his testimony would possibly well perchance furthermore exhibit needed.

In the interview, he asserts there is “indubitably some proof” that Donald Trump obstructed justice in asking the feeble FBI chief to peer a procedure of dropping the case against Michael Flynn, the feeble national security book (Flynn has since pleaded responsible to at least one payment of lying to the FBI).

Comey notion it so outlandish that he became having one-to-one conferences with the president, with out the attorney odd or chief of physique of workers unusual, that he took a contemporaneous (unpleasant word, I do know) exhibit of the assembly – both within the invent of an aide-mémoire to himself, or in a memorandum to colleagues. Why this issues is that in a court docket case, an FBI officer’s contemporaneous exhibit is admissible as proof. Appropriate love a recording of the conversation.

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Comey created a crawl when he testified to Congress closing year

Are we to factor in that the serving head of the FBI deliberately fabricated these notes because he knew sooner rather than later he became going to be fired, and these would possibly well perchance furthermore then be ragged to advantage bring an obstruction of justice case against the sitting president?

Comey is an courageous, proud and keep of residing-unsleeping more or much less man. He wished to invent every part to preserve his job – self immolation became never share of his conception. In the interview he talks about flying wait on from the West Float straight after he’d been unceremoniously fired. You will furthermore focal point on the memory of that aloof ended in him distress.

However proving he’s a liar is a key element to Republican procedure for the time being. That is the plan you draw his sting. The leisure is ethical playground insults. The argument from the White Dwelling is that Comey is “known to be a leaker and a liar” – a phrase ragged by the president; a phrase ragged by his press secretary, Sarah Sanders.

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Media captionTrump’s cherish-abominate relationship with Comey over a tumultuous year

The proof, as they focal point on it, is his changing explanation for re-opening the Hillary Clinton electronic mail investigation. And giving testimony in the starting up to Congress that the president had now not sought to intervene over the treatment of Flynn. In addition to they accuse Comey of leaking labeled emails.

The president tweeted that he will stride down in historical previous as the worst ever director of the FBI. Successfully, let’s focal point on. He’ll indubitably stride down as one in every of basically the most controversial – yes, even running J Edgar Hoover close.

His behaviour over the Hillary Clinton emails is good – for every Republicans and Democrats alike – although for diversified causes. And so they exhibit the worst of Comey. He publicizes she’s now not going to be prosecuted for her exercise of a non-public electronic mail server when she became Secretary of Issue, nonetheless then added a stern rebuke to her behaviour, announcing she’d been extremely careless. FBI directors usually manufacture now not command something. That became grandstanding.

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White Home Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has impugned Comey from the podium

Then two weeks earlier than polling day – two weeks! – he announced he became reopening the investigation on legend of the invention of a fresh horde of emails. It fully transformed the closing stages of the campaign, and ended in a big reverse within the polls. However he made that announcement earlier than searching at what those emails were.

After which ethical days earlier than polling, he exonerated candidate Clinton. So what the hell became that every person about? I notion what he mentioned became hogwash and the reasoning flawed. However I manufacture now not doubt his sincerity when he says he felt he had no diversified direction of movement open to him.

In the interview Comey gets nowhere simply about giving an sufficient explanation of why he did what he did. He appears to be like love he became attempting to be too sparkling by half of. He told Congress about a months wait on that it left him feeling mildly nauseous to mediate that he would possibly well perchance furthermore own affected the close results of the 2016 presidential election. Ultimate mildly?

He is deeply flawed. However in a roundabout plan this would possibly occasionally come the total plan down to a quiz of who invent you suspect: the president or his feeble FBI director?

One has barely a note myth of, how can one put this, making assertions that manufacture now not undergo close scrutiny (let’s command, the fallacious claims that Obama wasn’t born within the US, therefore became illegitimate as president, that Muslims in New Jersey cheered when the twin towers came down in 2001, that the crowds for his inauguration were bigger than Obama’s, that three million people voted illegally and that his became the final word electoral college victory since Reagan – I’d furthermore stride on). His feeble communications director, Hope Hicks told a congressional listening to that one in every of her jobs became to repeat “white lies” for the president.

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Media captionAttain Trump voters care about the Russia investigation?

The diversified does now not.

The president has called Comey a slimeball. Rather perchance. However to neutralise him fully, Donald Trump has to undermine his credibility, and exhibit he’s a liar. That hasn’t took place yet, so for the second the 6ft 8in feeble FBI director can aloof poke colossal.

And that makes him dangerous.

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