Katy Perry revs up for romance in swish ‘Harleys in Hawaii’ music video

Katy Perry revs up for romance in swish ‘Harleys in Hawaii’ music video

Accept in, KatyCats. We’re going cycling.

Katy Perry launched her 1/three solo song of 2019 Wednesday morning, treating fans to an midtempo joyride through her fresh pop banger “Harleys in Hawaii.”

The graceful music video — which sees Perry zooming at some level of a “coronary heart-fashioned motorway” amid the lush Hawaiian foliage — accompanies a song written by Charlie Puth, Johan Carlsson and Jacob Kasher Hindlin, with Puth and Carlsson furthermore serving as producers.

Even though fans have speculated that the 34-300 and sixty five days-extinct’s most recent trio of singles — “Never If truth be told Over,” “Exiguous Command,” and “Harleys in Hawaii” — changed into launched in anticipation of a fresh album from the singer, Perry has but to substantiate a fresh sequence of music is within the works.

“I haven’t indubitably committed to calling the relaxation an album or making an album. I’ve by no components been ready to honest set out songs, one after the opposite,” she beforehand told the Zach Sang Display camouflage in July. “Each and every song will get their have minute moment, it will get its highlight, it will get a visual…. if there’s set a matter to for a full physique of labor, we’ll gaze.”

Speaking about the inspiration for “Harleys in Hawaii,” Perry added that the tune came about after fiancé Orlando Bloom took her for a bike glide within the song’s titular direct.

“We had been in Hawaii [shooting American Idol] and we went and rented a Harley,” Perry acknowledged. “To be on the good thing about a bike in Hawaii with the air blowing to your face is so swish. It changed into awesome. I will be succesful to take into accout namely where I changed into, the avenue nook I changed into on in Oahu, turning that nook and whispering to Orlando: ‘I’m going to jot down a song called ‘Harleys in Hawaii,’ and I did. It honest dropped into my head.”

Scrutinize Perry’s “Harleys in Hawaii” music video above.

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