King says Jordan to reclaim land leased to Israel below 1994 deal

King says Jordan to reclaim land leased to Israel below 1994 deal

Jordan has instructed Israel that it intends to reclaim two tracts of territories leased below a 1994 peace treaty, King Abdullah II has introduced, in a jog that become as soon as welcomed by activists and civil society groups opposing the deal.

As phase of the settlement, Israel leased about 405 hectares of agricultural land within the southern sector of its border with Jordan called al-Ghumar, besides the diminutive al-Baqura condominium attain the confluence of Jordan and Yarmouk rivers.

The territories – water-prosperous farmlands within the intervening time cultivated by Israeli farmers – were leased for 25 years, with a 12-month belief length wished to stop an computerized extension. The closing date for renewing the leases is Thursday, October 25.

“We luxuriate in got educated Israel of an stop to the software of the peace treaty annexes referring to al-Baqura and al-Ghumar,” the king said on Sunday, in preserving with Petra bellow news agency.

“Al-Baqura and al-Ghumar luxuriate in repeatedly been on high of my priorities. Our decision is to stop the annexes of the peace treaty in step with our keenness to purchase all that’s important for Jordan and Jordanians,” the king added. 

“Al-Baqura and al-Ghumar are Jordanian land and might well remain Jordanian.”

لطالما كانت الباقورة والغمر على رأس أولوياتنا، وقرارنا هو إنهاء ملحقي الباقورة والغمر من اتفاقية السلام انطلاقا من حرصنا على اتخاذ كل ما يلزم من أجل الأردن والأردنيين

— عبدالله بن الحسين (@KingAbdullahII) October 21, 2018

Following the king’s announcement, Israeli Top Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel would negotiate with Jordan an extension of the leases, which expire next year.

“We can enter into negotiations with [Jordan] to possibility an extension of the prevailing rent settlement,” Israeli media quoted him as announcing.

It is unclear how and when the territories will more than seemingly be returned wait on to Jordan’s possession. The territories were below Israeli luxuriate in watch over since 1948.

Increasing strain

Jordan is easiest with out a doubt one of two Arab international locations that signed a peace treaty with Israel – the many being Egypt.

Observers said the king’s announcement is anticipated to be positively got by the Jordanian public amid rising efforts by activists and civil society groups geared toward forcing the government to stop the leasing of Jordanian territories to Israel.

It also comes per week after eighty five Jordanian people of parliament signed a petition urging the king to intervene so as that the rent settlement would not be renewed, in preserving with MP Khalil Atiyeh.

“For over a year, we have been annoying the scrapping of this settlement that become as soon as not within the pastime of Jordan or the Jordanian of us,” Atiyeh instructed Al Jazeera.

Oraib al-Rantawi, a political analyst in Jordan’s capital, Amman, said “the king saw the appreciated rejection against preserving this settlement with Israel, particularly within the the leisure few months where economic decline within the country has ended in mass protests – and he wisely decided against it”.

Thousands of offended Jordanians took to the streets in June to boom against trace hikes, an profits tax reform invoice and legit corruption, in a country where nationwide poverty and unemployment price stand at around 20 p.c.

Political activist Hussam Abdallat praised the king’s decision as one which can well “endear him to the overall public”.

Sufyan al-Say, a outdated United Countries environmental legitimate and outspoken critic of the Israel-Jordan peace treaty, instructed Al Jazeera the king’s announcement is “effectively timed and reflects the necessity of the of us of Jordan”.

Public sentiment in Jordan against Israel is precise thanks to its persevered occupation of Palestinian territories and its treatment of Palestinians. 

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