Leisurely-evening hosts weigh in on Trump firing Tillerson by technique of tweet


President Donald Trump’s unceremonious dismissal of Secretary of Negate Rex Tillerson by technique of Twitter on Tuesday unsurprisingly supplied a good deal of fodder for slack-evening hosts.

“Tweets are for checking out which band is on the city or which airline used to be mean to Chrissy Teigen,” Seth Meyers quipped on Leisurely Evening. The host went on to evaluate the declare to the firing of aged FBI director James Comey. “Fundamentally when you’re over 6 feet, Trump wants nothing to attain with providing you with nasty news,” he acknowledged. “That’s why he’s jumping on the prospect to meet Kim Jong-un.”

Meyers concluded his “Couple Issues” section by sharing his sympathy for Gary Cohn, the outgoing head of the Nationwide Financial Council, and Tillerson — form of. “I attain in actuality feel some sympathy for the Cohns and Tillersons of this administration, but within the same procedure I in actuality feel sympathy when somebody gets attacked by a gorilla on the zoo,” acknowledged Meyers. “My first understanding is, ‘Aw, that’s cross.’ And my second understanding is, ‘Why’d you going into the f—ing gorilla cage?’”

The On a traditional foundation Demonstrate’s Trevor Noah and The Leisurely Demonstrate’s Stephen Colbert also weighed in on the Twitter ousting Tuesday. “It’s a tweet; it’s atmosphere apt,” Colbert opined. “It’s too nasty Twitter wasn’t around when Trump ended his first two marriages. Attend then, he needed to attain it by fax.” The commentary set of living up a shot of a fax machine printing out a paper that read, “Sorry, you’re a seven at supreme.”

Noah, within the meantime, imagined a hypothetical — and embarrassing — diplomatic declare by which Tillerson used to be the closing to be taught of his firing. Stumble on the videos above and under for extra.

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