LG’s 2019 OLED TV lineup with AirPlay 2 will hit shops starting in April

LG’s 2019 OLED TV lineup with AirPlay 2 will hit shops starting in April

LG has unveiled the pricing and liberate plans for just a few of its 2019 OLED TV lineup, on the total mirroring the corporate’s playbook from final year. These are just some of the very handiest TVs you would take, so LG is continuing to fee them as such.

The 2019 C9 (sixty 5-crawl, fifty five-crawl) and E9 (sixty 5-crawl) sequence TVs will birth birth in April. The 77-crawl model of the C9 and fifty five-crawl E9 will hit shops moderately later in Could fair and June, respectively. And this year’s replace to LG’s “wallpaper” TVs — to be obtainable in sixty 5- and seventy five-crawl sizes — will procedure out in June.

(Whereas you had been questioning, no, there’s serene no longer at a firm rate or liberate date for the kindly-attempting rollable TV.)

LG’s TV branding shall be kindly-attempting complicated, but all of those TVs fundamentally allotment the identical describe quality and the most up-to-date aspects that the corporate first launched at CES: that capabilities AirPlay 2, built-in give a enhance to for Amazon Alexa advise instructions, improved image processing, and more. LG claims itself as the handiest major TV producer offering each Alexa and Google Assistant out of the sector, whereas every other brands (Samsung, Roku TVs, and so forth.) handiest give a enhance to them thru exterior speakers you would additionally already have.

The TVs additionally feature HDMI 2.1, future-proofing them for any train material (and actual about any body fee) that would possibly be coming down the pipe over the next several years.

Nonetheless they vary in what’s around the veil veil; the E9 sequence has glass on all four sides, most noticeably at the bottom. The C9 doesn’t accumulate moderately that esteem. And the W9 (wallpaper) sequence locations the identical describe actual into a develop that’s virtually unfathomably skinny.

Describe: LG

LG has said handiest its 2019 TVs will create AirPlay 2 functionality; other TV makers collectively with Samsung and Vizio are additionally adding the precious feature to their older sets. It’d be good if the corporate would reconsider this, but I’m no longer preserving out hope.

Below are the costs and liberate months for the C9, E9, and W9 LG OLED ThinQ TVs. I’d expose against purchasing them rapidly after originate, as LG’s OLEDs have a tendency to peer tall markdowns near the discontinuance of the year.


  • 77-crawl: $6,999 (Could fair)
  • sixty 5-crawl: $Three,499 (April)
  • fifty five-crawl: $2,499 (April)


  • sixty 5-crawl: $Four,299 (April)
  • fifty five-crawl: $Three,299 (June)

LG W9 Wallpaper OLED 4K TVs:

  • 77-crawl: $12,999 (June)
  • sixty 5-crawl: $6,999 (June)