Manzoor Pashteen: The utter of Pashtuns for many in Pakistan


Manzoor Ahmed Pashteen is mostly viewed carrying a crimson-and-sunless-patterned hat.

The myth goes that he obtained the hat from a low-paid labourer in his hometown of Sarwakai district, in Pakistan’s northwestern South Waziristan plot.

The 26-year-ragged then gave the worker his discover new hat and took the outmoded crimson-and-sunless one in replace.

“I gave him my hat with none hesitation. Why now no longer?” Pashteen instructed Al Jazeera.

The hat has change into one thing of a image: the originate is now outmoded by other folks who support Pashteen’s cause, to fight for the rights and safety of Pakistan’s ethnic Pashtun voters.

His reputation has swelled to such an extent that some of his followers – as a gesture of recognize – gain taken to regarding themselves by his final title.

Roughly 15 percent of Pakistan’s 207 million population is Pashtun, in accordance to the country’s 1998 census. The reason for Pashtun voters took on particular prominence earlier this year.

On the evening of January 3, Naqeebullah Mehsud, a 27-year-ragged father and aspiring mannequin from Waziristan, became once forcefully abducted all by a raid by police personnel in Karachi. He went missing for on the least 10 days.

On January thirteen, police said that that they had killed four “terrorists” suspected of getting links to the Islamic Train of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, additionally called ISIS) team and the Pakistan Taliban.

One amongst the four killed became once Mehsud. The police officer who led the operation, Rao Anwar, said that Mehsud became once killed in a shoot-out.

A police inquiry ordered by the Supreme Court of Pakistan later published that Anwar had presided over 444 killings in 745 police shootouts.

The investigation stumbled on no proof to Anwar’s tell that Mehsud became once a “terrorist”. Anwar is now on the flee.


The young man’s death sparked a string of protests, manifesting in thousands camping out for a sit-in within the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, for 10 days, below the banner of being a “Pashtun Prolonged March” .

Pashteen, who graduated in veterinary medication from Gomal College in Dera Ismail Khan, became once one of a team of young activists who founded the Mehsud Tahafuz Motion in 2014 – an organisation for the protection of the folks of their tribe – the Mehsuds.

Identified as a hardworking man who grew up in poverty, Pashteen’s father, a trainer at a local school, did now no longer model ample to feed his household of eight and ragged to lift on loans to trust the financial gap.

“[Pashteen] by no attain objectives to model cash from one thing he does, all he wants to cease is fight for the rights of Pashtuns,” said Noor Rehman Mehsud, a member of the circulation and one of Naqeebullah Mehsud’s cousins.

Describing Pashteen as a fierce and valorous activist, Noor Rehman instructed Al Jazeera that it became once “now no longer easy to develop your utter against the manager and the Pakistan army”.

“On this country, which you can now no longer fight against the military and the manager, right here’s a extraordinarily sensitive line that which you can now no longer detestable. You gain to work with them. We gain repeatedly expressed our concerns in a aloof formula and so has Pashteen, so that participants that were killed unlawfully secure justice.”

The Pakistan army launched an offensive in 2009 against the Pakistan Taliban in pockets of South Waziristan, displacing the team into neighbouring districts.

In a series of operations across the country’s northwest since then, the defense drive says it has now successfully destroyed the Pakistan Taliban’s infrastructure within the country. It claims the team is now working from provinces on the Afghan facet of Pakistan’s northwestern border.

The human set of the wrestle propelled Pashteen against activism.

He and his comrades took up the cause of the extra than 600,000 Mehsuds displaced by the defense drive, pressured to desert their properties because the military fought pitched battles with Taliban combatants in a drawn-out operation.

The defense drive now says South Waziristan is fetch for residents to return, but many proceed to cease away, announcing their properties were destroyed and the manager has now no longer but built amenities for standard provider supply.

“When I started the circulation, I utilize to head from home to home and expose other folks what became once going on in our home by means of injustice and atrocities,” Pashteen instructed Al Jazeera.

“But as a rule, I’d secure a acknowledge from them: ‘Pashteen, you are going to secure killed. Don’t cease this.'”

‘Our nationwide cause’

Per Pashteen, he became once pressured to desert his hometown, kept in unlawful detention and usually pressured for suspected links with armed groups in Pakistan and across the border in Afghanistan.

“All people is conscious of, it is far a standard issue said to us by the defense drive forces end to checkpoints ‘esko murgha banao’ [translated as: make him a rooster. A common form of punishment in South Asia, where the person takes a position of squatting and then holding the ears].” he said, including that the converse became once an narrate converse of humiliation.

The Pakistani defense drive became once now no longer all of a sudden available for a jabber, but has beforehand denied any wrongdoing.

As news of Naqeebullah Mehsud’s killing unfold earlier this year, Pashteen and his fellow activists led protesters from the city of Dera Ismail Khan, the set many Mehsuds gain settled for the reason that defense drive operation started.

In support of Pashteen’s cause, Hashim Khan wears the crimson-and-sunless hat and altered his final title to ‘Pashteen’ [Al Jazeera]

As their numbers grew, boosted by support from across Pakistan, the team changed its title to the Pashtun Tahafuz Motion, or Motion for the Protection of Pashtuns.

Hashim Khan, a member of Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Occasion (PkMAP), a Pashtun nationalist political occasion, is amongst other folks who says he has changed his final title to Pashteen and wears the crimson-and-sunless hat.

“I participated in Pashteen’s [march] in Quetta without my occasion flag resulting from we nationalists knew right here’s our nationwide cause,” said Khan.

The PTM has broadened its preliminary jam of calls for, which focused on getting justice for Naqeebullah’s execute, to incorporate a discount of defense drive-enforced curfews within the country’s tribal areas; the production of thousands of missing other folks believed to were held by the defense drive; and the formation of a judicial price to test police killings of “terrorism” suspects.

‘Missing other folks’

As phase of his activism, Pashteen usually sent statistics and photos of those struggling from the manager’s fight against the Taliban to local journalists, to highlight the human influence of the battle.

In one of his interviews in March to local Pakistani media, Pashteen claimed that tens of thousands of other folks had been missing in FATA. Al Jazeera is unable to independently compare that figure.

A executive-flee judicial price on enforced disappearances says on the least 1,640 other folks are missing across Pakistan as of February 2018, even supposing rights activists express that quantity is vastly understated.

Families of the missing stay with the uncertainty of now no longer realizing whether their youth are ineffective or alive.

Calling Pashteen “the son of the Pakistani soil”, Talked about Alam Mehsud, a cofounder of the Pashtun Tahafuz Motion, instructed Al Jazeera: “In FATA, the set there’s no longer any political, financial and social construction, Manzoor Pashteen is the vital particular person from FATA to keep up a correspondence out publicly and openly about what became once within the peoples’ hearts and minds”.

‘Case against Pashteen’

On Tuesday, Pakistani police registered circumstances against Pashteen for criticising the country’s defense drive all by the Pashtun Prolonged March.

He’s accused of “wantonly giving provocation with intent to cause [a] riot”, and if convicted, faces as much as 5 years in jail.

“Whatever we’re doing, we’re doing all over the regulation. We gain the upright to articulate. This is our normal human upright. And by lodging the [police report], they are pressurising us,” Talked about Alam Mehsud instructed Al Jazeera.

“This additionally takes consideration faraway from the extrajudicial killing of Naqeebullah Mehsud by Rao Anwar, who’s quiet at capable.

Pashteen is evident to stay power till the calls for of PTM are met, despite the dearth of support from his household, as they are worried for his lifestyles. 

“My father, wife and mother ask daily to hear the news of my death or disappearance. They’re worried for me and once in a whereas, offended at me,” he said, including that he wants an even bigger future for Pashtuns in Pakistan “including my month ragged daughter”. 

“But I know deep down, below the overall fear, they are happy with me resulting from right here’s now no longer about me, it is about making this country an even bigger converse for us to stay in.”

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