Michael Sheen on his ‘in fact daaark,’ creepy fresh crime series Prodigal Son

Michael Sheen on his ‘in fact daaark,’ creepy fresh crime series <em data-lazy-src=

In Prodigal Son, Michael Sheen stars as a notorious and prolific serial killer whose son (played by The Walking Lifeless‘s Tom Payne) uses his homicidal heritage to relieve the NYPD clear up abolish conditions.

Within the pilot, we study that  Dr. Martin Whitly A.Enough.A. The Surgeon (Sheen) has been charged with 23 (identified) murders and resides out his sentence in a gothic-having a sight psychiatric clinic, leaving his predominant other Bellamy Younger (Scandal), son Malcolm (Payne) and daughter Ainsley (Halston Sage) on the outdoors to tackle the fallout and profound psychological impacts of having a deranged killer for a husband/father. For Malcolm, that come using what perception he can manufacture from his father’s actions to relieve his police work, without letting his dad too completely into his head. As it’s good to maybe believe, a fight ensues.

Before the show’s premiere on Monday, September 23, we talked to Sheen about taking up the kind of deadly severe role.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Why made you decide to must be section of this series?

MICHAEL SHEEN: What I desire to peep in a pilot episode is thousands possibility, alternatives, and issues to potentially uncover. I believed this used to be attention-grabbing: We have a personality who has accomplished a couple of of essentially the most awful issues that a human being can attain and but appears to be to be a loving father. He has all these contradictory issues in him, and this central father/son relationship appears in fact problematic — in an correct manner. I correct opinion there used to be so powerful below the skin to sight into and uncover and be fascinating and that’s supreme for a pilot episode which potential of you mediate lets breeze wherever. 

Your personality, The Surgeon, is an awfully sunless, harmful psychopath; how attain you prepare for something adore that?

Here is set something that’s exact; there are other folk that attain these items, so there’s hundreds to analyze. There’s been a surge of interest in serial killers currently and it used to be truly crucial to me no longer to develop into amassed from the true fact of it. Here is a defective, adversarial, painful, peril-stuffed landscape that we’re talking about. Folks constantly divulge it needs to be fun to play a astronomical villain. It’s no longer fun or campy in that sense. Whenever you happen to initiate to breeze down that boulevard then…I don’t know what that is — no longer something else I’m particularly attracted to. What’s fascinating, is when issues are supreme, don’t attain what you ask, and confound your expectations. What’s appetizing about performing in a drama is if there’s in fact fascinating, refined, supreme sides and sides of the relationships and the personality. This personality is any individual whose main preoccupation is lend a hand an eye on and but he’s diminished to staying in a single room and doesn’t appear to come up with the choice to govern something else — how does any individual tackle that? So those forms of issues develop into attention-grabbing.

How is working with Bellamy Younger and Tom Payne as your predominant other and son?

Tom is a in fact stressful-working actor and has in fact committed to it, emotionally and psychologically. There’s a in fact fascinating dynamic there between those two characters; if the central personality’s accomplished the issues that he’s accomplished, is he qualified of feeling love? And that’s section of the thriller of him and what that relationship is and what he in fact wants out of it. That’s correct attention-grabbing and in fact fascinating to uncover what could presumably happen within the kill. And Bellamy’s personality is correct honest and he or she’s ample at taking half in it. Watching it, it’s good to maybe’t no longer sleep for those characters to have scenes collectively.

Does the show in general apply a procedural constructing, with a special abolish per week?

There is an ingredient of a case that must be worked on each and each episode, nevertheless then there’s overarching storylines as properly, so it’s no longer moderately as prescriptive as there’s a case per week that Malcolm has to come and take a look at alongside with his dad about. There are very exact threads going via the entire arc of the season, along with to particular person issues that happen in each and each episodes, so there’s rather both there.

The pilot devices up a reasonably zigzag, gothic memoir to come. What are you able to tease?

I thunder it’s miles roughly contemporary gothic. There’s repressed, below-the-surface apprehension and an almost operatic in fact feel. Thanks to the social circles that the characters stream in, it’s good to maybe believe that if Tennessee Williams used to be going to put in writing a apprehension, he could presumably write this. Generally you forget what the audience is seeing and there are moments after I chill out and breeze, that is continuously daaark. It’ll be fascinating to peep of us’s reactions.

Prodigal Son premieres Monday, September 23 at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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