Mike Pompeo on Muslims, torture and Guantanamo Bay


The appointment of faded CIA director Mike Pompeo as US secretary of remark occurred on Tuesday after months of rumours that Rex Tillerson was once on the vogue out.

Tillerson was once typically depicted as a nonetheless hand of “nonetheless rigidity” while US President Donald Trump typically opted for rapidly choices, bombastic rhetoric, and controversial policy positions. The two males disagreed on many points, including the Iran nuclear deal and the Gulf crisis.

Pompeo, in the period in-between, is a controversial identify who has voiced crimson meat up for torture, needs to retain the detention center at Guantanamo Bay originate, and has a history of xenophobic remarks.

How will Pompeo’s previous salvage an affect on his feature as the US’ high diplomat? 

On Muslims, immigrants

Pompeo was once elected to the Home of Representatives in 2010, representing Kansas remark all the arrangement during the generation of the Tea Social gathering, the ultra-conservative department of the Republican Social gathering.

He ran in opposition to Democratic candidate Raj Goyle, a lifelong Kansas resident and son of Hindu-Indian immigrants.

That did no longer dwell Pompeo from posting a link to a weblog on his advertising campaign’s Fb internet page that known as Goyle “factual one other turban topper we don’t prefer in Congress or any political remark of labor that deals with the US Constitution, Christianity and the United States of The usa!”

The slur was once written by Bob Pinkstaff of Wichita, a retired US protection drive serviceman. The remarks came after Goyle “dodged” a check about his religion all the arrangement through a debate earlier than the 2010 election.

Goyle known as Pompeo out for sharing the weblog, announcing the “bigoted attack” went “beyond the foundations of engagement in politics”. Pompeo apologised, announcing it was once “inadvertently posted“.

In 2013, two months after the Boston Marathon bombing, Pompeo took to the Home floor to accuse US Muslim leaders of failing to sentence “extremist” attacks.

“Silence has made these Islamic leaders all over The usa potentially complicit in these acts,” he talked about.

Corey Saylor, faded director of the Council on American-Islamic Family members department that monitors Islamophobia, told Al Jazeera that Pompeo being appointed secretary of remark is a “continuation of the troubling insurance policies now we salvage seen coming out of the Trump administration”.

In the case of the message it sends to leaders of Muslim-majority states, Saylor talked about it might possibly most likely presumably perchance presumably signal an absence of “appreciate” for their religion and ways of life.

Juan Cole, a visiting professor at Qatar College, was once extra suppose concerning the US’ sleek high diplomat, describing Pompeo as “out of adjust.

“He’s a necessary Iranophobe. He in actuality has it in for Iran … He’s a necessary Islamophobe. He’s accused American-Muslim leaders of potentially being in cahoots with terrorism … He’s a hardliner. I judge Pompeo is so ideological, so one-sided,” Cole told Al Jazeera.

“I judge right here’s fallacious news for Qatar, as an illustration, because I judge he’s very discontinuance to the Saudis. He’s talked about overtly if the Saudis and the Israelis are attempting to combine in opposition to Iran right here’s all to the genuine. And naturally Qatar is caught in the guts of that.”

On Torture

Pompeo has moreover taken a stalwart stance in favour of “enhanced interrogation” ways, or torture ideas, including waterboarding, faded to examine these suspected of violent actions.

Pompeo criticised the administration of faded President Barack Obama for closing “murky sites” – secret prisons faded to request suspects in one other nation – and the requirement for interrogators to adhere to anti-torture authorized pointers.

In 2014, Pompeo accused Obama of neglecting to “decide the battle on radical Islamic terrorism severely”.

The feedback had been talked about to salvage motivated Trump to salvage in tips Pompeo as the future CIA director. Trump talked about on the advertising campaign path for the 2016 elections that he would salvage in tips bringing relief waterboarding “and a hell of plenty worse”.

At his 2017 affirmation listening to earlier than US legislators to come to a decision the feature of CIA chief, Pompeo talked about the agency would no longer restart torture on his notice.

On Guantanamo Bay

While he has backtracked on torture, Pompeo’s crimson meat up of Guantanamo Bay, the US naval sinful in Cuba where international nationals suspected of acts of “terrorism” are imprisoned, appears to be unwavering. 

The detention center camp was once one among the testing grounds for the “enhanced interrogation” ways of the administration of faded President George W Bush.

Heaps of US officials salvage known as for the detention center’s closure, including Obama.

One of Obama’s first acts as president was once to signal an dispute to discontinuance Guantanamo. The sinful was once by no arrangement closed. Pompeo has spoken favourably of this consequence.

“GTMO has been a goldmine of intelligence about radical Islamic terrorism,” Pompeo talked about in 2016.

Heaps of the forty one detainees at Guantanamo salvage by no arrangement been tried. Of these males, 31 are being held in indefinite “legislation-of-battle” detention. Five of these are immediate for switch if security stipulations are met.

One more seven salvage been charged by the protection drive prison justice machine, which is break free US civil legislation. One more three had been convicted.

The newly appointed secretary of remark wrote in an op-ed in the Kansas City Star in 2015 that “there is rarely any such thing as a evidence that these and diverse detainees wouldn’t like a flash return to the battlefield having a peek to construct damage to our troopers, our citizens and our standard of living.”

Omar Farah, a senior workers attorney on the Center for Constitution Rights who litigates cases at Gitmo, told Al Jazeera that “vilifying the prisoners is a drained trick to excuse a Guantanamo policy that was once brutal and tiring from day one.”

Even if the forty one detainees are the “hardened terrorist” Pompeo contends, a “factual, constitutional democracy owes even its worst prisoners better than 16 years and counting of indefinite imprisonment”, talked about Farah.

The appointment of Pompeo as the US’ high diplomat moreover implies that “Trump’s instincts are sharpening”, the attorney added. Pompeo will moreover be a “disaster for Guantanamo.

“Feeble secretaries of remark and their envoys had accountability for negotiating Guantanamo releases. With Pompeo on the helm, or no longer it is uncertain somebody leaves Guantanamo alive with out a judicial dispute,” Farah talked about.


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