Naya Rivera’s simplest moments on Glee

Naya Rivera’s simplest moments on <em data-lazy-src=

As Santana Lopez, Naya Rivera used to be an underrated energy participant on Fox musical comedy Glee.

Starting as a bitchy cheerleader assigned to infiltrate the Glee membership, Santana went on to alter into one among the most compulsory individuals of the Unusual Instructions and Glee as an total. From predominant antagonist, she evolved into an empathetic character who grew to alter right into a standout for LGBTQ+ representation on television as she struggled with accepting her sexuality sooner than being outed by Finn (Cory Monteith) in season three.

Santana even moved to Unusual York Metropolis, alongside Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt (Chris Colfer), the set she struggled to make it as an actress and even confronted off in opposition to Rachel for the lead in a Humorous Girl revival on Broadway. By some means, she came upon her bliss with on-again, off-again high college sweetheart Brittany and they were married shut to the conclusion of the series.

In honor of Rivera, who used to be came upon ineffective on Monday at age 33, listed below are the actress’s simplest moments as Santana on Glee. 

“I Kissed a Girl”

Rivera met one among her perfect performing challenges on the discover with aplomb in season three, episode 7, the set she’s compelled to approach out to her family after a political attack advert in opposition to Sue weaponizes her sexuality. For Santana, the most effective conducting is popping out to her greatest hero, her abuela (Ivonne Coll). “Abuelita, I love girls the procedure that I’m purported to feel about boys,” she confesses. “It be one thing that is always been inner of me and I in actuality want to fragment it with you because I love you so noteworthy. I prefer you to know me, who I in actuality am.” When her grandmother rejects her, telling her she by no formulation needs to leer her again, it virtually breaks her. Rivera performs the 2nd with the real blend of anxiety and heartbreak sooner than ending the episode with a reaffirming rendition of  “Fixed Craving.”

“If I Die Younger”

In point of fact appropriate one of many discover’s most heartbreaking moments used to be when the solid needed to confront their very actual wretchedness for solid member Cory Monteith within the zero.33 episode of season 5 after the actor’s loss of life at 31. It be very no longer going to imagine how onerous it used to be for the total solid performing this episode, but Rivera managed to leave a magnificent, lasting tribute to her fallen co-large name below the most advanced of circumstances. They memorialized Monteith’s character Finn, and Rivera had a standout 2nd within the episode singing “If I Die Younger” by The Band Perry. It be a magnificent duvet, alternatively or no longer it’s made your total extra heartbreaking by her lack of capability to enact the track, breaking down in wrenching sobs sooner than running from the room screaming. It be onerous to know the set Rivera’s wretchedness ends and Santana’s begins. The efficiency is followed by a coronary heart-to-coronary heart between Kurt and Santana the set she reads her recollections of Finn’s kindness. The scene closes with presumably the saddest image of the episode, Kurt inserting Finn’s letterman jacket spherical her shoulders for comfort.


Santana walked away with Glee’s inferior season 2 Fleetwood Mac episode, Rumours, with this stripped-down ballad. Turning the class assignment right into a non-public 2nd between her and Brittany, she confesses her love for her simplest friend via this track. With tears in her eyes, she proves that the strongest moments on Glee did now not need elaborate costumes or choreography, perfect plenty of coronary heart.


Santana used to be the undisputed queen of Amy Winehouse covers on Glee (gaze additionally: “Help to Dim”), but one among her most joyous, electric performances ever came in her character’s first solo in competition. In the season 2 Sectionals episode “Special Education,” she belts her procedure via this retro throwback, proving she’s one among Unusual Direction’s most critical gamers within the job.

“Girl on Fire”

Santana formally grew to alter into section of the Unusual Instructions NYC trio in season four episode “Diva.” The transition performs out via this Alicia Keys’ duvet, which follows Santana belting her coronary heart out within the McKinley High auditorium to singing this anthem on the streets of Unusual York. Michele and Riley recurrently bought credit for having the most impressive pipes on Glee, but on numbers enjoy this Rivera proved she also can better than retain her non-public.

“Rumor Has It/Someone Esteem You”

Adele used to be every other Glee popular, but this mash-up can no longer be beat. Whereas Mercedes takes the lead on “Rumor Has It,” Santana steals the discover with lead vocals on “Someone Esteem You.” The total whereas, Santana is grappling with being outed in front of the college and her fury and worry are evident throughout the number. It additionally entails one among her most scrumptious moments outside of musical numbers: Finn doesn’t realize the weight of time out Santana, and she speaks for plenty of the audience when she takes him to job by slapping him within the face on the number’s conclusion.

“River Deep, Mountain High”

Glee gave us quite a bit of memorable duets, but presumably none better than this season 2 number within the “Duets” episode (naturally). Santana proposes the duet to Mercedes as a formulation to discover that they’re “the undisputed prime bitches at this college.” And of direction, she’s right. The 2 are joy incarnate on this track with perfect the real impress of one thing sultry. It additionally provides Rivera an alternative choice to showcase her killer knack for choreography as one among the strongest dancers on the discover. Plus, or no longer it’s the most fine number that includes Santana in her cheerleader uniform, reflecting her at her haughtiest Cheerios Queen Bee simplest.


In season four’s “The Rupture-Up,” Santana mastered the art of the repentant rupture-up with this stripped-down Taylor Swift duvet. Once extra on my own within the choir room, she sings her coronary heart out to Brittany simply sitting in compare room chairs, going via every other. Esteem the quilt itself, or no longer it’s spare and straightforward, leaving Rivera’s utter to focus on for itself. It be but every other occasion of what a expert actress she used to be, killing the track both vocally and within the emotion that is bursting via every reward.

“Don’t Rain on My Parade”

From season 1, this Humorous Girl discover belonged to Rachel. Nevertheless in season 5, whereas preventing her for the role of Fanny Brice, Santana laid claim to the track in her non-public inimitable procedure, infusing it with pop runs and vocalizations. It be an awfully numerous rendition from Michele’s Streisand-infused spend, alternatively or no longer it’s no much less mighty or impressive.

“There Are Worse Issues I Also can Enact”

With perfect a single track, Rivera positioned herself within the pantheon of iconic Rizzos in Grease. As Finn even aspects out, or no longer it’s a role she’s born to play and she nails this anti-slut-shaming ballad. It be this form of pitch-perfect screed for the character, or no longer it’s onerous to judge it took 5 seasons to fetch her to pronounce it. Far from the worse factor she also can attain.

“A Boy Esteem That”

Lea Michele also can simply no longer have any commerce taking part in Puerto Rican Maria, but Rivera is a terrific Anita. She’s energetic on “The united states” earlier within the identical episode, season three’s “The First Time.” Glee always straddled the line between pop song and Broadway, but this used to be the first time Rivera in actuality bought the choice to discover she had Broadway chops besides to her stellar pop vocals.

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