Nintendo Swap replace makes the sigh log a little bit bit better


Nintendo Swap’s current procedure replace makes a bunch of huge and stressful adjustments. One smaller switch that Nintendo didn’t highlight in its rundown of version four.0.0 is true as fine, even supposing: The console’s sigh log, which notoriously does a uncomfortable job of precisely monitoring play time, is now true a piece more upright.

Redditors who piece my curse of obsessing over how unheard of time I exhaust playing a recreation picked up on the switch shortly after the version replace launched. In gamers’ profile pages, any recreation played for between one and 5 hours will now advise as unheard of — which methodology, in the occasion you played Sonic Mania for around four hours, the sigh log will now display mask that.

nintendo swap screenshot of sigh log

Nintendo via Reddit

Previously, the minimal assortment of hours talked about was 5. Entirely played 1-2-Swap as soon as, and for a short time at that? It would possibly perchance possibly well likely advise true that — “played for a short time,” or “played for a quick while,” or a in an analogous design approximate timeframe. Whenever you happen to played that recreation for six hours, alternatively, the sigh log will peaceful handiest advise that you just “played for 5 hours or more.”

The procedure is peaceful lacking for somebody who needs to true precisely how many hours they’ve sunk into The Memoir of Zelda: Breath of the Wild this year. There’s the Nintendo Swap Parental Controls app to have faith in the gaps a piece, because it lists your overall day-to-day playtime all the manner down to the minute; but concerned with how true the Nintendo 3DS sigh log is, I’ll always acquire the Swap version disappointing till it comes closer to catching up.