Outlander: How David Berry discovered ‘closure’ with Sophie Skelton at the tip of season 4

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When Brianna reunited with Roger in the season 4 finale of Outlander, followers didn’t procure to witness Lord John Gray’s response and the procedure in which his products and companies as a beget-in husband were no longer needed. So actor David Berry, who plays Gray, made up our minds to search around just a tiny of closure himself!

Berry wrote a letter in Gray’s disclose to Skelton’s Brianna that promised to withhold the “fiction of our engagement until such time as just appropriate custodian of your affections and father of your youngster to be is returned to you.” He also equipped accurate aid and encouraged Brianna to “never let yourself succumb to thoughts of despair,” earlier than sending the letter off.

“I wrote to just appropriate form of give myself that closure,” Berry no longer too long ago urged EW, with manufacturing of season 5 underway in Scotland. “You’ll never seek for it on display conceal. I devour to enact that. I devour to beget in the blanks.”

The letter became once positively liked by Skelton, even supposing she playfully took command with how it became once written by means of email, no longer as a handwritten letter. “A tiny disappointing,” Skelton urged EW, jokingly. “It became once in actuality candy, though. It just appropriate form of gave just a tiny of bit of background for me going into the final episodes of Brianna, because clearly John has been there for Bree. He’s the type of expansive friend, however then all of a surprising he’s form of whipped away and we don’t in actuality know when we’ll seek for him once more. It became once expansive to possess that slack my mind.”

To again settle the sting off Droughtlander, Skelton agreed to fragment the reward with EW. Right here’s what Berry wrote:

Dearest Brianna,

By now you would maybe also merely possess arrived at River Bustle, generous after our ordeal in Wilmington, and I am long, long departed on my shuffle again to Lynchburg, again to witness Willie, home to my in most cases soundless and basically dull life on the plantation, until most certainly the following time I am called upon to wait on your father. And once extra, I am hurled head first into a world of excitement and adventure.

Whereas I know you retain emotions of trepidation in direction of your future, I also know you would maybe also very smartly be equipped with the personality of such energy and virtue that you simply will meet these challenges and upward push above them. Despite my absence, I promise you will gain the peace for which your heart yearns. Undergo in mind to never let yourself succumb to thoughts of despair. I shall continue to avow the fiction of our engagement until such time as just appropriate custodian of your affections and father of your youngster to be is returned to you. I am obvious he’ll. You will haven’t any longer fragment this certitude, however above all else, retain onto hope.

It is my alive to wish that at the resolution of this ordeal, you will gain the grace to forgive your father. Finish no longer punish him for his errors, however honor them and pledge to never repeat them with your beget youngster. Till that time arise and forever after, I am your humble and exact friend.

Would possibly perhaps merely you never in actuality feel alone, John

Filming on season 5 of Outlander began in April. The next 12 episodes be in keeping with The Fiery Contaminated, the fifth e book in Diana Gabaldon’s finest-promoting e book sequence. The epic will continue in colonial The USA because the Frasers manufacture their fresh life on their namesake ridge.

Starz has but to jabber a return date.

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