Overwatch’s new ‘position queue’ feature helps you to play the hero you wish

Overwatch’s new ‘position queue’ feature helps you to play the hero you wish

Overwatch gamers all know the feeling: you’re in a match with random other folks, and no person wishes to play give a enhance to. With simplest a couple of seconds to invent a alternative, you’re stuck taking up a position you don’t like or feel contented playing, stunning so your squad has a gamble at winning. It’s one thing that has plagued the hero shooter for years, then again it feels like devour developer Blizzard ultimately has a resolution.

This day, the company is announcing position queue, a feature that enables you to make a alternative what construct of persona you wish to play as — whether or no longer that’s give a enhance to, tank, or hurt — earlier than heading correct into a match. Blizzard says the brand new feature is designed to “construct an environment that fosters teamwork and encourages gamers to bring their very most efficient to every match.”


Indubitably, there will be three different queues for getting correct into a recreation, representing the three persona classes. And Blizzard’s matchmaking system will then pair two of every position for a squad of six. This means that wait times would possibly per chance presumably maybe even be different relying on what persona you wish to play as. For these that play Overwatch in aggressive mode, there will be new, separate ability rankings for every position. Blizzard would possibly per chance also be updating some characters so that they fit more snugly into their explicit class. Brigitte, as an illustration, would possibly per chance presumably maybe secure elevated therapeutic abilities, but received’t be ready to withhold as a lot hurt, making her more of a a lot give a enhance to hero.

In response to Blizzard, the brand new feature is supposed to “toughen match quality, give gamers more defend an eye on over their gameplay experience, and present more particular social experiences between teammates.” However it completely also looks a response to the most stylish dominant meta-recreation in Overwatch, identified as GOATS, which favors personnel compositions made up of three tanks and three give a enhance to heroes. It would possibly per chance per chance most likely presumably maybe also additionally be a little bit of a lunge, as hurt heroes devour Tracer and McCree are one of the most most stress-free within the recreation. However with a pressured 2-2-2 personnel composition, this shouldn’t be a field anymore.

GOATS has been a explicit field for the knowledgeable Overwatch League, because it outcomes in attrition-heavy fits that aren’t constantly very thrilling to appear. That, too, will be altering. Blizzard says that beginning with OWL’s fourth stage which kicks off on July twenty fifth, teams will be locked into utilizing the identical 2-2-2 formation, making certain that hurt-dealing characters will be within the highlight all over again. (Listed below are some more minute print on how this would possibly per chance work in OWL.)

Aim queue is launching right this moment in Overwatch’s public test realm, or PTR, on PC, and must be coming to all gamers as a beta as portion of patch 1.39 afterward. It marks the second predominant update for Overwatch this year, following the ingenious Workshop mode.