Oxenfree crew’s subsequent game is ready college kids getting drunk with Satan


The subsequent game within the works from Evening College Studio, the runt crew within the support of 2016 cult favourite Oxenfree, is called Afterparty. Due out in 2019, the game sounds as irreverent and thrilling as its predecessor: Afterparty is, if truth be told, all about getting spacious wasted while putting out in Hell.

The game stars a pair of faculty kids named Milo and Lola, who personal died and, sadly for them, ended up on Satan’s doorstep. They’re no longer terribly hooked in to the speculation of spending the leisure of their days in Hell, to no person’s shock.

“However there’s a loophole,” reads Evening College’s description. “Outdrink Satan and he’ll grant you re-entry to Earth.”

That kicks off Milo and Lola’s plug to interrupt into Satan’s build for a killer celebration, which appears to be like equal parts hilarious and elegant in early belief art. Evening College gave IGN a more in-depth peek at the game, offering other basic suggestions on the debauchery avid gamers can wait for. There are hundreds of neighborhoods to investigate cross-take a look at on the model to Satan’s, bars to alter to your ingesting at and even chances to enact some karaoke and beer pong.

If Oxenfree changed into an predominant story about what it’s desire to be a high schooler, then Afterparty would be this expertise’s defining game relating to the 21-and-over crowd’s mishaps.