Protester confronts Jeff Bezos on stage

Protester confronts Jeff Bezos on stage

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Media captionThe protester is heard shouting ‘you are going to be ready to wait on the animals’

An animal rights activist came inside just a few ft of Jeff Bezos, the area’s richest man, on a stage in Las Vegas.

Priya Sawhney avoided event safety, as effectively as just a few of Mr Bezos’ non-public detail, which charges a reported $1.6m (£1.25m) per year.

“Jeff, you’re the richest man in the area,” Ms Sawhney talked about, holding a flower. “Potentialities are you’ll possibly wait on the animals.”

Mr Bezos and Jenny Freshwater, but any other Amazon govt on stage on the time, sat frivolously as the girl used to be eliminated.

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“Dwell you are going to need a response to that?” Mr Bezos quipped after Ms Sawhney had been taken away.

Mr Bezos used to be performing as allotment of the company’s Re:Mars conference, where the firm has discussed its efforts in machine studying, automation, robotics and home.

On that closing topic, Mr Bezos talked about he desired to have foundational home technology for starting up construct on for low-designate, noting that Amazon used to be finest imaginable on story of it used to be ready to distribute by device of the US Postal Service.

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Mr Bezos (sitting, factual) cracked a shaggy dog legend after the protestor used to be taken away

The Yell Action In each place animal rights crew talked about it used to be protesting against what it claims is depressed medication of chickens at a farm in Petaluma Poultry, a California farm that gives rooster and turkey to Amazon and others.

“Animal abuse is the crime right here, not animal rescue,” Ms Sawhney talked about in a say printed rapid after the incident.

“It’s time Amazon and Jeff Bezos decide a stand for transparency, somewhat than actively suppressing the truth.”

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Yell Action In each place

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The protester talked about she used to be mad on the medication of chickens at an Amazon vendor

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