PUBG PC update removes knockoff Red Bull, introduces contemporary clothes


The Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds console crew dropped a unique update for Xbox One lawful the day before nowadays. Not to be outdone, the PC facet of the dwelling lawful tossed a 6.2 gigabyte update onto the take a look at servers. It comprises two contemporary sets of clothes, another option to the mannequin of the sport’s power drink and contemporary suggestions to chronicle cheaters.

Since commence, Battlegrounds has incorporated knockoff Red Bulls as in-sport buffs. Known as Scorching Bull, the cans shared the identical coloring and skinny profile of the title ticket beverage. At the moment time’s update incorporates an entirely contemporary can with a brawny, mustachioed man as its logo. It’s a chunk of of part to make certain, nonetheless further evidence of PUBG Corp. taking a extra extinct stance to branding and copyrights. Seek for this logo to decorate some swag or t-shirts within the contemporary future.

Talking of t-shirts, whereas you log into the take a look at server real now you’ll have A hundred,000 credit price of droll money and six crate keys to play with. Purchases may perchance maybe well have a excessive chance of earning some unique crates filled with contemporary beauty upgrades. The update comprises two entirely contemporary sets of clothes, called Desperado and Biker. It’s doubtless you’ll perchance well gaze an example within the image below.

Most importantly, the update comprises improvements to the reporting characteristic that can support you to envision cheaters all the intention by intention of replays. From the patch notes:

We are in conjunction with a brand contemporary attain to chronicle suspected cheaters in-sport. Beginning with the sizzling take a look at kind (as soon as the attempting out is total, this characteristic can be moved to the dwell servers as neatly), it is some distance doable so that you just can to chronicle gamers straight some distance flung from the replay characteristic of our sport. This means you no longer want to be killed by a suspected cheater for you with a conception to spend the in-sport reporting instrument. We support you to spend the replay chronicle instrument as it is an efficient and ambiance pleasurable attain of surroundings up us attentive to the gamers who are undermining your enjoyment of the sport.

The chronicle button reveals up when real-clicking on a participant within the participant list, or whereas looking out at them in be conscious mode.

No phrase but on when these capabilities can be making their attain over to the dwell model of the sport.

PUBG Corp.

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