PUBG’s scope change is a diminutive but most in model repair


The scope is a major segment of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: These randomly dropped optics allow players to zoom in on what are in every other case tiny troopers and automobiles in the distance. With scopes ranging from two to fifteen times in magnifying energy, there’s an obvious hierarchy of desirability — but players discovered the 2x scope to be contrivance worse off than the opposite powers, to the point of it being unusable.

That adjustments with the sport’s latest change, which is out now in the test server. PUBG Corp. has expanded the discipline of inquire for the 2x scope, and Reddit users are in fact noticing the variation. A thread exhibiting a facet-by-aspect comparability of the extinct and the unique variations of the scope is sitting at almost about Thirteen,000 upvotes, littered with praise for what was once once a low-stage upgrade.

A comparability image of the up so a long way 2x scope.
Imgur via Reddit

The adaptation is that the outer ring of the scope is hundreds thinner, with extra precise estate given to the magnified image. Since 2x magnification isn’t a mammoth bump anyway — namely since it’s in fact very most practical a 1.8x magnifier — the extra visibility, the simpler.

Even despite the proven truth that all the sport’s scopes comprise been tweaked since the sport’s Early Derive admission to open almost about a year ago, players comprise persevered to search out the 2x scope to be unusably occluded with every subsequent revision. With the exception of the thick outer ring, players ceaselessly known as the circular reticle “blurry” or said they skilled a annoying glare with it.

It sounds love the change has in fact improved the commonest scope for all players — no longer less than for these in the test server, and for now.

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