Python is large, nevertheless stop the utilization of it for each damn challenge

Python is large, nevertheless stop the utilization of it for each damn challenge

No longer too long within the past I had a discussion over Reddit over why would anyone would exercise Python over other programming languages. The discussion used to be barely factual and thus I thought about writing a put up about it.

First of all, let me come up with my suggestions on Python. Python is a language I devour and will most certainly be weak in a big diversity of capabilities, even supposing I agree that languages occupy their falls, I attain assume its a large language for mavens to exercise, and furthermore for learners to enter the charming world of programming.

With that mentioned, would I exercise Python on each challenge? Likely no longer! nevertheless there are some areas where Python excels, and  I are looking for to concentrate on these, and point out why.

  • API Trend
  • Knowledge Science / AI
  • Scripting

Let’s review them intimately.

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API Trend

There are some unprecedented frameworks for API pattern with Python, amongst these, there are 2 favorites amongst the advance community, Django and Flask (on Flask I wrote an article on why I discover it irresistible so noteworthy and a tainted challenge to space up your APIs, try it out here).

The conversation round API pattern went immediately into the route of net frameworks, why? Smartly… I don’t assume that you just are going to occupy to quiet write your occupy net server or framework can occupy to you’ll want to focal point on writing the code for your API.

Some folks furthermore argue the exercise of Python for net pattern on the full, even supposing I most steadily don’t resolve to exercise these frameworks for the front-discontinue section, and I resolve to develop front-ends the utilization of React, or every other adore VueJS or Ember for that issues.

Once you happen to would possibly perchance presumably perchance even be getting started with API pattern in Python, is likely you are going to discontinue up the utilization of both Django or Flask, so it is likely you’ll presumably perchance presumably also query, which judicious one of many two can occupy to quiet I exercise?

Django VS Flask

Each and every of these frameworks are large and will work for many cases, on the other hand, they word varied philosophies, some folks adore 1 better than the opposite and there are factual reasons on each aspect. Since each of these frameworks are so varied in essence I’ll most efficient come up with the high-stage differentiation between the two, and I recommend that you just read extra about them and that you just tried them each sooner than deciding which is the suitable for you and your challenge.


  • Flask is a minimalistic framework, it gives simplicity, flexibility, and pleasing-grained serve watch over. It’s a long way extremely unopinionated (it is likely you’ll presumably perchance presumably also attain with it what you wish!)
  • Django on the opposite is an all-inclusive framework. You score all from libraries to an admin panel, db interfaces, ORM, and even a robust directory structure for your apps out of the box.

Once you happen to would possibly perchance presumably perchance even be looking for to learn extra about this, here is an enticing article I chanced on: And there are loads extra alternatives can occupy to you google Django vs Flask.

Knowledge Science / AI

Any time you’ll want to work with records, from scraping, records analysis, visualization, machine studying or AI, Python will most certainly be your supreme buddy. There are a quite a lot of of foremost libraries for each of these initiatives, and they’re large libraries, extremely weak in be taught and production environments.

I’ll no longer fling into small print of the libraries, nevertheless I are looking for to point out about a: Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Tensorflow, Pytorch, scikit-learn, Keras, NLTK, OpenCV.

Attributable to those libraries, it is likely you’ll presumably perchance presumably also develop production-ready initiatives in nearly any Knowledge Science or AI topics. Although there are some drawbacks of the utilization of Python for these forms of capabilities (similar to efficiency), for many cases this could presumably perchance develop for a large preference.

What extra or much less initiatives are we talking about?

There are many many capabilities of python for records science and AI on the full, I’ll point out here about a frequent initiatives Python is weak for:

  • Time series analysis
  • Sales predictions
  • Language processing
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Recommendation programs (adore song, movies, and heaps others)
  • Classification
  • Pc imaginative and prescient
  • Self-riding cars
  • many extra….


Scripting most steadily refers to small programs (most steadily finished by mumble line) which would perchance presumably perchance be designed to automate easy initiatives.

Let me come up with about a examples of scripts I wrote myself to automate ingredients of my everyday workflows:

  • My weblog: I exercise Evernote to rep every thing I behold on the online, and furthermore to put in writing my posts. However then, when it’s time to post I seize these notes and add them into my weblog as drafts. This route of happens robotically on Python, whenever I marked a say as “ready to be revealed”, I flee a python script that can reproduction the say, format, and draft into my weblog arrangement. Unnecessary to claim, there’s repeatedly one thing I have to manually fix sooner than I essentially can post (largely as a result of Evernote weird HTML? output).
  • Backups: I resolve to develop backups of my issues within the cloud, nevertheless I furthermore serve a reproduction in an external arduous force. I most steadily encrypt all that goes to the cloud (excluding for Evernote, which doesn’t enable me). However when I develop my backups into the drives, I exercise force encryption, and I don’t are looking for to occupy it double encrypted, so when I are looking for to backup records into my force, I flee a python script which will decrypt the records after which pass it to the force.


Python is a in reality versatile programming language and on myth of its community and libraries it is likely you’ll presumably perchance presumably also barely noteworthy attain one thing else you wish, even supposing most steadily you shouldn’t. There’s no person language to rule them all, all of them occupy advantages and downsides, and Python is no longer any exception.

With that mentioned, I attain assume Python is large, and can occupy to it is likely you’ll presumably perchance presumably even be weird it is likely you’ll presumably perchance presumably also develop from video games to embedded programs, all with Python, even supposing perchance these cases obtained’t be production-ready initiatives, perchance I’m grievous, if that is so please let me know, I’d resolve to listen to about it.

This article used to be at the origin revealed on Are dwelling Code Stream by Juan Cruz Martinez, founder and author of Are dwelling Code Stream. He is a Machine Engineer with better than 10 years of ride within the field, working in a big diversity of initiatives, from originate source alternatives to enterprise capabilities. Fortunately married, with a piece of 1, formally engaged to JavaScript, in a devour relationship with Python, and pursuing the author’s dream! You would possibly presumably perchance read this real share here.

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