Reddit nerds are competing to novel their nation is most Bitcoin edifying


Bitcoin fans on Reddit have come up with a brand unusual, ridiculous peril: posting photos of stores accepting BTC payments from basically the most unexpected areas on this planet.

The pattern appears to be like to have began when an r/Bitcoin user posted a photograph of a store accepting payments in BTC in Romania. The user known because it “the principle indicators of Bitcoin going mainstream.”

Redditors from other nation were not overjoyed with the Romanian claim that Bitcoin acceptance is elevated in their nation. They made up our minds to compete and began posting photographs of stores accepting BTC in their bear countries.

This began a entire saga of ‘I survey you, and elevate you’ posts in a repeat to bellow which nation is truly the most modern in relation to accepting BTC payments.

Listed below are some of our approved ones:

I survey your Romania and present you with Saigon, Vietnam!

I survey your Vietnam and elevate you Vienna, Austria!

I survey your Saigon and elevate you VangVieng Bitcoin membership, Laos!

I survey your VangVieng and elevate you Bali, Indonesia!

I survey your Bali Indonesia, and I elevate you a hotdog, Canada!

I’ll survey your Toronto, Canada and elevate you Southern California, USA!

I survey your Bitcoin stores, and I elevate you this Kiosk, France!

I survey your entire cities and elevate you a a hundred and fifty yr aged Brewery, Canada.

If the choice of photos are to scamper by, Canada appears to be like to have the absolute most realistic decision of stores accepting BTC — or even Canadian Redditors are basically the most patriotic.

The competition would possibly perhaps perhaps perhaps factual assist open up a wholesome dialogue on the utility of Bitcoin in retail stores. While more than 100,000 retailers catch BTC worldwide, there had been deliberation over whether BTC is viable for day-to-day payments ensuing from high transaction expenses.

Invent you have photographs of stores accepting BTC that are better than these? Elevate the bar and notify us in the feedback below.