RuPaul’s Traipse Bustle vital particular person Katya envies ‘disgusting’ magnificence on ANTM


The model hopefuls currently competing for the title of The united states’s Next Top Mannequin aren’t reigning queens of the model kingdom yet, so Tyra Banks is giving them about a posing pointers with abet from about a of the fiercest royals on fact TV: RuPaul’s Traipse Bustle stars Katya, Manila Luzon, and Valentina.

In EW’s distinctive first admire at the Traipse Bustle/ANTM crossover above, cycle 24’s rising vital particular person, Khrystyana, holds her own against Traipse Bustle‘s Katya for the length of a photograph shoot that sees the contestants embodying jealous princesses lusting after a throne occupied by their inch queen “moms.” By the discontinue of the shoot, alternatively, it’s Katya who reputedly comes down with pretty of model envy.

“Oh my God, Khrystyana, this Siberian magnificence,” Traipse Bustle fan current (and vital particular person of her own Viceland focus on present), Katya, says of her ANTM modeling accomplice. “Khrystyana’s what I imagine myself to admire like in inch. She’s so comely it’s disgusting.”

Later within the preview, Kyla struggles to match Khrystyana’s prowess, floundering next to Manila as a flustered Drew Elliott, ANTM‘s creative advisor, gives direction.

“They’re so friggin’ comely and might perhaps presumably presumably pose their asses off,” Banks previously instructed EW of the Traipse Bustle queens visiting the ANTM situation. “That’s a difficult model to be in a shot with.… No longer all of my models prevailed. Valentina killed it. I’m sitting there editing movie and I’m like, can I gain a shot of my ladies having a encounter no much less than half as honest precise as Valentina?”

The united states’s Next Top Mannequin airs Tuesdays at Eight:00 p.m. ET on VH1. Stare EW’s distinctive sneak get at tonight’s RuPaul’s Traipse Bustle/ANTM crossover above.


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