Samsung Q9FN QLED TV (QN65Q9FN) overview


The Samsung Q9FN is perchance the most spectacular contemporary QLED TV you must presumably presumably presumably engage and the second most racy 4K display we saw at its First Glance match next to the ambitious 146-glide MicroLED TV which Samsung has precisely dubbed The Wall.

The 2018 Q9FN is available in seventy five- and sixty five-glide sizes (known as the QN75Q9FN and QN65Q9FN, respectively) that mix the powers of animated, instruct backlit LEDs infused with Quantum Dot abilities and OLED-stage disagreement ratios by strategy of corpulent-array local dimming zones.

With HDR10+ and Q HDR EliteMax – what Samsung bills as its most Excessive Dynamic Vary trip that’s queer to the Q9FN – this acts as the firm’s flagship 4KTV for 2018.

Its over-the-high visible efficiency is coupled with all of the hallmark capabilities you’ll gain on the a diminutive much less pricey Q8FN, Q7FN and Q6FN, sets that lack its Q HDR EliteMax and intense local dimming perks.

Samsung’s improved one-cable resolution now gives both A/V and vitality in what the firm says is an ‘invisible’ cord (it’s factual extremely thin). Its ambient mode helps the living mix in with your wall in a low-vitality order reasonably than turning it totally off.

The Samsung Q9FN comes huge, animated and elegant, and it’s sufficient to rival OLED televisions that possess beforehand wowed us with better disagreement ratio and deeper blacks. Is it the lawful TV for you? Let’s dive into it the first impressions.

Trace and initiate date

The Samsung Q9FN QLED TV goes to be costly at any size. The sixty five-glide 4K TV starts issues off at $Three,800 (about £2,720, AU$four,835). It starts shipping on March 25 in the US.

The seventy five-glide Q9FN isn’t readily available to utter factual but. But last year’s Q9F is at existing on sale for $7,000 (about £5,000, AU$8,900), and that’s after a gargantuan slit fee. Sadly, there is no much less pricey fifty five-glide Q9FN size with a more tempting trace.

The next poke down, the Q8FN, by comparison, is $2999 (about £2,200, $AU4,000). If it helps, Samsung’s ‘No Gap Wall Mount’ comes included with the costlier Q9FN. That’s a separate catch on other fashions.


The Q9FN takes on Samsung’s boundless create ethos that reduces the skinny bezels to the purpose that you just’re most racy seeing what’s on the camouflage, now no longer the distracting body.

It’s fancy a expansive-sized Galaxy S9 with Samsung’s unmistakable ‘Infinity Reward.’ The firm also contains what it calls a 360 create, factual as soon as you happen to must shock on the bumpy again. That’s aesthetically elegant too, utilizing the tv of an undeniable industrial seek files from in again.

Samsung bundles the Q9FN with its No Gap Wall Mount that makes the skinny bezel seek files from fancy you’re staring at a floating image all day. But you must presumably presumably presumably get ever artsier with the stands: Its Studio Stand puts the tv on a huge easel, whereas the Gravity Stand lets you swivel the TV on what looks to be fancy a minimalistic the other map up metallic funnel. Each are separate purchases.


Samsung’s most racy contemporary feature in its 2018 QLED TVs is Ambient Mode. It’s a contemporary trick that has the camouflage take in characteristics of the wall late it to mix in  fancy a chameleon.

We bought to demo a Q9FN against a brick wall create, matching the accurate pattern that was late the camouflage. It’s all done via image evaluation by taking a image with a phone. Due to low-vitality order, Ambient Mode can conclude on with out racking up an monumental energy invoice. 

Ambient Mode is bigger than factual for decoration, as cool as that is. It will also display photos and files cards for news and weather. There’s even the flexibility to add faint background song. All of this is vital more appealing than seeing a easy tv camouflage when now no longer in employ.

Additional utilizing dwelling that image-on-a-wall attain is Samsung’s improved one cable resolution. Its 2018 QLED televisions can now provide both vitality and A/V screech material via a 5m or 15m cable, or as Samsung refers to it ‘an invisible connection.’ It’s very conclude to that.

Don’t apprehension as soon as you happen to must roam all the issues actual now into the again of TV. You can mute attain that with four HDMI ports, Three USB ports and an optical out port and ethernet port for honest measure.


All of Samsung’s contemporary QLED televisions seek files from spectacular, nevertheless it if truth be told’s the Q9FN that stands sooner than the 2018 lineup. And for honest reason – it has the bleeding-edge tech for the final image.

It has queer perks you won’t gain on Samsung’s lower-stop QLEDs this year: more corpulent-array local dimming zones and the contemporary Q HDR EliteMax.

We now must ogle more of it originate air of Samsung’s looped video demos, nevertheless it if truth be told’s definite the Q9FN goes to come up with height brightness at 2,000 nits, but the deepest blacks originate air of an OLED.

We also enjoyed Samsung’s app-fancy interface, which is additional polished by the truth that screech material is now grouped collectively more naturally. Here is on memoir of its contemporary Universal E book can pair presentations from diverse streaming platforms into one menu. Coming in about a months, you’ll also be in a role to sync apps out of your phone into your TV and mechanically be logged in.

Unique this year is Samsung’s animated notify assistant, Bixby, a well-recognized Siri-fancy helper for anybody who has tried a fresh Galaxy smartphone. Bixby to your TV can gain screech material, acknowledge questions, and even change the channel for you. Samsung’s interface has advance a protracted manner.

Early verdict

The Samsung Q9FN QLED is perchance the most racy-having a seek files from, nevertheless also per chance the costliest 4K tv we saw on the firm’s First Glance match for 2018. The image if truth be told pops in this explicit mannequin, especially on the larger seventy five-glide size.

What sets it apart is the additional zones of local dimming that fix the sunshine bleeding disorders we had with LEDs and QLEDs in years past. There’s more: QHDR EliteMax, Ambient Reward Mode and the one cable resolution are factual icing on the 4K cake. 

Samsung is de facto chasing the deeper blacks of the LG OLED C7, and bringing along with it the upper brightness phases that its QLEDs are identified for. It’s per chance the most racy-having a seek files from QLED we’ve considered but.

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