Scrutinize James Corden and Aladdin solid bring a complete recent world to the streets of Los Angeles

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Basically the most contemporary rendition of Aladdin used to be realized in a complete recent world: the crosswalks of Los Angeles.

On Thursday’s Tiresome Tiresome Present, James Corden honored the well-known film-musical’s open by including a well-recognized twist. Basically the most contemporary installment of “Crosswalk the Musical” sees the British multi-hyphenate because the Genie, complete with physique paint from head-to-toe within the persona’s signature color of blue.

“We possess now slightly the day ahead of us,” started Corden. “I don’t judge I must dispute you the name of the musical that we are in a position to be performing.”

The performers rattle off Avatar and Blue Man Crew, but it’s the closing advice of the Smurfs that in fact items him off, shouting, “Why would or now not it is the f—ing smurfs?!”

Corden feels slightly assured with the casting of his budgeted Broadway performance, with Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott reprising their on-masks roles alongside his Genie — that is, till Will Smith makes a shock look. Smith boots Corden over to the role of Aladdin’s monkey sidekick Abu, which Corden then likens to the greatness of Hamlet.

Scrutinize the remaining of this “lighthearted, musical romp,” complete with pyrotechnics and a forklift, within the video above.

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