Simple easy techniques to use the PlayStation 4’s hidden trophy demonstrate (and other techniques)

Simple easy techniques to use the PlayStation 4’s hidden trophy demonstrate (and other techniques)

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Regardless of it being nearly six years primitive on the time of writing, the PlayStation 4 smooth holds some secrets from its players. Listed below are some issues it’s possible you’ll maybe hang missed when the use of your console.

Credit for most of these inch to this Reddit thread, which opened with the revelation about hidden trophies that several PS4 owners (myself incorporated) didn’t know — no matter it having been introduced on the console three years ago, in preserving with the PlayStation UK Twitter:

FYI this used to be added in system change 4.Zero in 2016 ????

— PlayStation UK (@PlayStationUK) July 11, 2019

Completely different people within the Reddit thread shared other “hidden” parts they’d realized about, and it turns on the market are hundreds issues PS4 owners don’t be taught about their impartial sad box. So listed below are about a pointers and techniques for the use of the PS4 — earlier than you permit it for Sony’s next-gen console, of course.

Settings gems

The settings menu itself is a wealth of fun stuff, if you’re keen to dig for it. First, did you know it’s possible you’ll maybe maybe most likely dark the gentle of your Dualshock? If you check the settings for “Controller” underneath the “Gadgets” submenu, you’ll procure a environment that capacity that you can swap from “Vivid,” (the default) to “Medium” and “Murky.” I keep it on lustrous attributable to I’ve to game at nighttime and the Dualshock‘s have a tiny bit nightlight, but if you’re attempting to effect battery energy by reducing the energy the Dualshock wants, this may maybe maybe maybe maybe be the foremost utter to originate.

Second, it’s possible you’ll maybe maybe most likely enable custom button assignments from the Accessibility menu. This can can attend you switch the buttons around to your pleasure for the console in fashionable, that capacity you don’t hang to reassign them for particular person video games.

One other inform you’ll procure within the Accessibility menu is the ability to zoom. If you enable this, you’ll be in a location to zoom in for your PS4 show conceal by tapping the PS button and the sq. button. This received’t be terribly handy for some, but it’s a nifty feature that’s accurate to hang anyway.

The Hidden Trophy secrets

Here’s the one that inspired the Reddit post and blew the collective minds of about a thousand users (judging by the upvotes). If you pull up the tips net page on a hidden trophy (that are on the entire hidden attributable to they smash something about the story or gameplay), it’s possible you’ll maybe maybe most likely hit the sq. to expose all the pieces that’s hidden about the trophy.

And these of you who are more observant may maybe maybe maybe maybe reveal, “Nonetheless the button prompt is ethical there on the show conceal!” And likewise you’d be appropriate.

Nonetheless if you’ve been the use of the console since earlier than this option used to be added (which used to be about three years after the console used to be released), you received’t even bother pulling up the tips net page on a hidden trophy, attributable to you’re so archaic to them being… successfully, hidden. Thus you’d pass over this on-show conceal prompt. That’s my excuse, anyway.

Here’s what that appears have, aspect by aspect. I had to procure one that used to be hidden but no longer basically a spoiler, so here’s one from Yakuza Zero, a game I appropriate started taking half in:

Now no longer handiest are you able to question what the trophy is, but you most likely may maybe maybe maybe procure data on techniques to get it ethical there — I handiest found this out thanks to another Redditor within the thread above. If you hit the “Alternatives” button and click on “Search Online,” you’ll inch to a net browser that searches for that particular trophy title, that capacity the tip end result is most likely to be a manual on techniques to get it.

This works for all trophies too, no longer appropriate hidden ones.

Completely different techniques

Speaking as somebody who had to bewitch screenshots of all this stuff, this one used to be critically handy: it’s possible you’ll maybe maybe most likely swap the screenshot settings by hitting the Part button (which opens the Part menu) and inch to the Part settings. Under “SHARE Button Relief watch over Form,” it’s possible you’ll maybe maybe most likely swap between “Customary” and “Simple Screenshots,” which switches the button for screenshots from “press and get rid of” to appropriate “press the Part button.” That’s a entire headache long previous ethical there.

I managed to procure this one earlier than catching it on the Reddit thread, but there’s a manner to swap between your two most original shows with out having to return to the residence menu. If you double-faucet the PS button, you’ll robotically inch to the opposite impartial in the present day-opened utility or game, be it trophy data, a chat room, or your messages. If you get rid of to hang to use it simplest while already in a game, faucet the PS button as soon as (that can bewitch you befriend to your condominium show conceal, then begin the app of quite lots of. Then double-faucet the PS button to head befriend to the game, and as soon as more to head to the app, and plenty others.

If you know any more pointers and techniques for PS4 owners, feel free to DM me on Twitter.

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