SNL: Natalie Portman dares you to badmouth the Megastar Wars prequels in new rap


She never said she changed into a position model.

Natalie Portman returned to Studio 8H this weekend to host Saturday Evening Stay for the 2d time, and he or she adopted up her iconic “Natalie Raps” digital instant from 2006 with one other expletive-filled rap about her life.

“The rest time you had been right here, I heard things obtained a puny bit out of alter,” Beck Bennett says on the pinnacle of the brand new sketch, which copies the passe one’s celeb-interview framing system. “Yeah, properly I changed into going by a actually queer time then, nonetheless I’ve matured plenty,” Portman replies sweetly sooner than filling Bennett in on her life now.

“PORTMAN PORTMAN PORTMAN PORTMAN PORTMAN PORTMAN / I f—ed your husband and his handiest pal correct for sport, man,” she begins. The new rap comprises dialogue of her husband, dancer, and choreographer Benjamin Millepied (“My man dance nonetheless he’s no longer a ballerino / yeah, he twinkle his toes / nonetheless he give a factual D although / wrap a factual burrito”) and references to unique data moreover to her hold filmography (“Tide pods doubtlessly the most tasty f—ing side I snack on / blackout and toddle motherf—ing Gloomy Swan”).

“I gotta exclaim, it seems love you’re practically the precise same, nonetheless with unique references,” Bennett observes. “Unfaithful,” Portman fires back. “I’m a mother now. It’s of direction modified my perspective.” (Working instance: “When I gave birth I didn’t even push / I changed into blazed out, smoking bomb kush.”)

It’s when Bennett brings up the actress’s credit score from a galaxy some distance, some distance-off that things of direction safe heated, although. “I gotta query, Natalie, believe you ever seen the brand new Megastar Wars motion photos?” he asks. She hasn’t. “Oh, properly they’re of direction factual. They’re considerably better than—“

Portman cuts him off sooner than resuming her rap in beefy Padmé Amidala regalia. “Declare one thing ‘bout the motherf—ing prequels, bitch,” she says, threatening a doable critic with a gun. “Declare one thing f—ing nice about Jar Jar Binks!”

Look the brand new rap above. And discuss trash about The Phantom Menace at your hold effort.

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