SNL: Natalie Portman impersonates Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Issues sketch


Natalie Portman offered up a blueprint-on affect of Millie Bobby Brown on SNL, enjoying Eleven in a Stranger Issues sketch.

The sketch comes after fans pointed out uncanny similarities between Portman and Thirteen-Three hundred and sixty five days-former Brown, posting facet-by-facet shots of the actresses.

Within the sketch, Portman’s Eleven discovers there are “others here like me,” though her newfound associates’ abilities dart away worthy to be desired.
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“I can switch objects with my mind, nevertheless every time I carry out, I pick up diminutive nosebleed,” she explains to somebody named Fourteen, who tells her, “I can originate fires with my mind, nevertheless every time I carry out, I throw up in my mouth a minute bit.”

Enter Nine: “I can study folks’s minds, nevertheless every time I carry out, I fart a minute bit.”

Portman’s Eleven goes on to satisfy just a few more numbered associates, every with a ability reasonably less spectacular than the final.

“Alone, you’re freaks, nevertheless together we’re a family,” she tells them.


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